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Space weather – full moon to solar storms

Picture to go with blog post on Space Weather and why we pay attention

Space weather be it full moon, shifting/retrograde planets or solar storms ….why pay attention? Why care? Why do you share space weather updates? Because for me space weather updates are markers and minders. I take note of the big ones that are significant to myself such as eclipses, equinox, new moon and larger solar flares. …

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Dragon energy courses will be coming 2018

Photo to take about launching dragon energy courses in 2018

Yes I will have dragon energy courses coming out in 2018. Despite a couple of years of procrastination! Its a case of feeling the fear and doing it anyway even if it scares the crap out of you. I’m finally FINALLY sitting down and writing the Dragon course(s) I’ve been asked to do for the …

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Why do you post stuff when you’re grumpy and shouldn’t be online?

pic for "fuel to fire" blog

Its a common enough question. Why do I post online when I’m grumpy? In all honesty because I’m human and annoyingly I have to document the crappy stuff alongside the good stuff. “But why? I don’t understand.” Because I’m not all sweetness and light. I’m human and I have my flaws, which I make visible. …

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