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Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Card Readings available at Dragon Ascension Therapies - photos of oracle cards and spread

This was an unexpected step for me as I had always done readings for myself and never anticipated I would be reading for other people.

I now on my Facebook page each Sunday do a reading for the following week and they have been pretty good, even if I say so myself.

I don’t work with Tarot cards as they don’t resonate for the work I do instead I work with a selection of oracle decks which are constantly evolving and changing as my energy changes. The decks will be different every 6 months or so as they change quickly as my energy changes.

All personal readings are sent to you on PDF format by email , including photos of the cards intuitively pulled for you and any grids that set themselves up to connect with your energy.

These readings are becoming more in-depth the more I do so the pricing may change later in the year.

  • 3 months – £15
  • 6 month spread + grid photos – £25
  • 9 month spread + grid photos £35
  • 12 months spread + grid photos – £50

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