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2021 Online Retreat

2021 Online Retreat

As world events have made it too complicated to have an in-person retreat this year I am offering up an Online version for you. I ran one last year and it went well. And in all honesty it feels the right time. 

Tell me more!

This year will be a touch longer. Running 19th June to 4th July. With Zoom calls every 3 days. 

Starting just before Summer/Winter Solstice and that day will be left free. But we will be feeling some of the energies. And this makes the timing perfect for this Retreat. 

Now as to what exactly we will be diving into I can’t say. The team gives me no info up front. But from what I can glean this is for those already doing their work and ready to move to the next step.


Is it for me?

This perhaps is not a good idea for those just starting out. Or starting to look at their shadow self.

It’s more for those who are a little more familiar with this. As we tend to go quite deep quite fast and it may be a touch intense. When I run in-person Retreats people can be either energised or wiped out. So you have to be prepared for both eventualities. 

If unsure please get in touch to discuss in more detail and I’ll be happy to chat.


What it MIGHT entail

I have a sense we are looking at stepping into your own empowerment and taking responsibility for your actions/reactions/feelings and beliefs.

It may be slightly heavy going given the Dragon and Phoenix energies. But will have a Dino counterbalance to ensure we remember to have a laugh as well.


Time you’ll need

Each session will be approx 1.5 – 2 hours duration every 3 days over the 15 days

For those who can’t make it live the sessions will be recorded and you will be given access to them. To download and keep.

I’m also opening up a Facebook group as a form of ongoing support for 6 months. Giving you direct access to myself and to the other group members. We found this to be very useful last year. I will add the recordings there as well for you. If technology allows that is.

I also aim to have at least one live call (either Zoom or Facebook live) per month for the 6 month duration. For anything people wish to discuss or if I’m sensing a repeating theme or thread.

And the cost?

Tickets are £75 each but I also have a few discounted tickets for those who need them.

The ticket gives you access to all 6 sessions and 6 months extra support on the Facebook group. I also aim to have at least 1 call per month (Zoom or Facebook live) during this time.

Count me in!

If this sounds like it might be for you then carry on and book yourself as space.

To book direct click here.


Is a Retreat REALLY for me?

That’s a bit of an interesting question. And to be honest you’ll either have a pull to it, or you won’t.

I have been to a fair few Retreats run by others over the years. Some amazing and at least one that wasn’t. All have taught me plenty and have helped me become who I am. And also how NOT to do things. 

What they offered me was the ability to switch off from everything around me and focus fully on myself. You feel supported, heard and watched over. 

A good retreat allows you discover parts of yourself you’ve either not known about of have hidden. And being in a safe space to do so with someone who can guide you along.

If this resonates have a look online as to what is available. You may be surprised.

Here’s a blog post I wrote all about what Retreats are and how they can work.

See you soon!

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