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7 day Energy Clearing Course

Banner photo for new 7 day Energy Clearing course running 17th to 23rd February 2020


I so often get asked “what is a Dragon Clearing?” and “is it for me?”

And it’s a tricky question in all honesty. Many times it depends where you are on our journey. And if I am the right person for you or not.

If I haven’t managed to scare you off before now then that tells you something.

Deep Spring Clean

A Dragon Clearing is all about stripping out stagnant, stuck, festering energies/implants/programming deep in your system. That are not serving you and may be holding you back. Of going past the surface distractions to be shown what REALLY needs action.

The Dragon Clearing session as it currently stands is only for people who are used to doing self work, used to dealing with Shadow and not looking for anything light or fluffy. You have to put the work in – and it shows.

It has been compared to being hit by a train for several days while your system adjusts to the shift. Hence why it’s not for everyone. And specifically not for you if you haven’t worked with Dragon Energy before.

They don’t hang about. They don’t sugar coat. And they will make you face all of it head on. While supporting you but making you take responsibility for your own energy.

It can be startling what can come up. Be it past life situations, planted programming, entanglement with others energies and more.
Another reason why you have to use your discernment to ask if it is for you or not.

7 day Energy Clearing Course

In response to those asking but perhaps not quite ready the team have presented me with this new option.

To take a Clearing and spread it out over 7 days.
That way the intensity gets dialled down. Making it easier to digest. And easier to follow.

Rather than have one size fits all I have been shown to split into 3 different “levels” or “intensities”:

      • A gentler level suitable for everyone.
        Comprising a guided meditation on day 1.
        Which can be repeated through the week if you so wish.
        Ending on a New Moon Release meditation on day 7.
      • Medium intensity which may start to feel a little uncomfortable.
        We start to go beyond the obvious but not too deep to have you running for the hills.
        Comprising the gentle day 1 meditation.
        Followed by a deeper meditation on day 3.
        Again these can be repeated through the week if you so desire
        Ending on the New Moon Release meditation on day 7.
      • Arse kick level.
        For those who are used to deep personal and shadow work. Who may just have forgotten to look at their own energy recently. (I add myself in this one by the way)
        Now this one will be intense. And will force you to look at stuff you may have been avoiding . But stretched over 7 days rather than 90 minutes.
        The gentle meditation on day 1.
        The medium intensity meditation on day 3.
        And a arse boot meditation on day 5.
        Ending with the same New Moon Release on day 7.


Rather than classify this as a Dragon specific course I have left it more open.
That way whatever needs to come in will do just that. Without me adding limits as such.

Those who really don’t want to stretch things out over a week can book a personal session. There’s no change there. They are more specific to you and you get a copy of my findings. Which won’t happen with the course.

This is a beta test of this course so the pricing may not be the same if I offer this on a regular basis.


How will it work?

I intend to trial launch this in time for Feb New Moon on the 23rd which will be exact at 3:32pm in the UK.

  • The gentle level meditation will be on the 17th at 3pm. If you can’t join live don’t worry these are all recorded.
  • Medium intensity meditation will be 19th at 3pm (you also get the gentle level)
  • Arse boot meditation will be 21st at 3pm. (you also get the gentle and medium level meditations to build up to the last one)
  • New Moon meditation for everyone will be 23rd at 3pm.
  • Each meditation will last 30 – 45 minutes as guided by my team.

The meditations are yours for as long as you need them but you will have a week only to down load them. At the time of writing these will be live but if need be I will consider pre-recording.


Still interested?

Ok the important bit – the price.

Gentle level £15

Medium intensity level £30

Arse boot intensity £45


Where do I sign up??????

Simply click here to go straight to the booking system and choose the level of choice.

I am limiting the number of spaces for this first run to make sure we cover everything and make tweaks as and where needed.

I realise it’s a lot of meditation. But that’s the whole point. Of committing to YOURSELF to do the work. These are tools you can take with you and develop into your own practice.

Any questions feel free to get in touch for more details.

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