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1-2-1 Dragon Teaching/Coaching Photo for dragon teaching/coaching

As you will have seen I was finding it nearly impossible to write a course around dragon energy as there are simply too many ways to connect and work with it. I kept getting blocked. So i stepped away and said “How can I teach when 1 size does not fit all?”

Step forward a fabulous friend who got the message on my behalf and gave me the brilliant idea when my own channels were a bit muddled.

“Why not offer 1-2-1 sessions direct?”

Lightbulb. Moment.
Absolutely perfect! My team and I work very well on 1-2-1 basis with others.

So here we go:
We will hold a very supportive, protected space for each individual to allow the energies in – in the best way for YOU. Not anyone else just YOU.

In essence we will create the space , hold it on your behalf and chat via

or in-person

and what comes through for you be it queries. connection methods, homework, confirmations, messages from your team etc will be specific to you. No two people connect or work the same way so no two sessions will be the same. I will be shown via my team how you best work and it will be channelled from there.

I will have time set aside each week for these and they will be rolled out via my booking system. The dates and times will not be set in stone and can be tweaked slightly should the need arise. BUT I will be strict on the number per week/month so my energy is at the right level to support you and not drained.

I should point out I don’t claim to have all the answers and I will learn at the same time you do. I know most of these sessions will be channelled via my team who will nudge me in the right direction for each person – that’s how they work.

This promises to be a fascinating process and I’m excited to so where it takes us over time.

This is not restricted to those just starting out – this is for everyone including those who have been working with dragon energy for some time and feel this is resonating – how can I help? Perhaps a new perspective on things.

So if it feels I may be the right person for you have a look at the dates once they are up or get in touch and we can go from there.

If dragon specific feels too restrictive don’t forget I offer a 1-2-1 mentoring service


Look forward to speaking to you soon !

£100 which includes 60 – 75 min Skype / FaceTime or in-person session
30 min catch up session 1-3 weeks afterwards 
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