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March 2018 Retreat

photo of the Isle of Arran from mainland

So how many of you are feeling energetically drained, run down, stressed and a tad irritable?

I’m raising my hand along with you.

Something I’ve been doing for my own personal wellbeing for the last 3 years is going on an annual retreat – taking the opportunity to simply get away from it all, switch off to all the chaos around me and tune back in to my own energy.

I can highly recommend it.

So why am I now starting to offer them myself?

Well quite simply I was told it was time, and this one is literally on my door step.

I will be facilitating some time out for knackered energy workers for 4 nights on a small island off the south west coast of scotland – which is a short 1 hour ferry crossing from the mainland.

I was there at the very start of October and must admit the energy I experienced was pretty special. I know many people would benefit from it.

It’s an incredible deep reconnection to yourself but also to the land. The energy there is ancient and archeological finds go back to Neolithic times and you can feel it.

So if you fancy or are intrigued by the notion of getting some time away with very patchy wi-fi and mobile reception. Spending time with some other equally as knackered energy workers and like minded people then get in touch.

Tell me more!

There will be space for 6 people staying on the island of Arran

It will run 19th – 23rd March

All meals (vegetarian) will be included and I have several trips out round the island that I know will be beneficial for everyone.

Return ferry crossing will NOT be included in the price – that is for individuals to arrange for themselves

So how do I find out if this is right for me?

For more information regarding availability, pricing etc please get in touch by email and I’ll be more than happy to chat.