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Ch, Ch, Ch, Chaaaaanges……..

Isn’t it funny that for ages you hear nothing from your team. Then “BAM!!!” Everything comes in at once? Or it feels like its does. And everything changes.

I have a few things to bring forwards.
Some I can launch here. Others will take a bit of time so I can understand the imagery they’ve popped direct into my head. Swines.

First up – The Crystal Cavern

I’ve been told by several people over the last year or so I should open up the Preloved Crystal Cavern for open days. Now I’m not doing this as it would be too much. But what I AM being allowed to do is open up the Cavern for individuals who are local/relatively local to me – by invitation only.

If you think this might be you and you’re curious to see the Preloved crystals and metaphysical items I have here looking for new caretakers. Then please contact me to discuss dates and times.

You’ll need at least a couple of hours. There’s a lot here and a lot not yet listed on the Preloved group on Facebook.

If there’s something in particular you’re looking for you can let me know when we chat.


To see inside the Preloved Crystal cavern plea get in touch to book an appointment.

Q&A sessions on Facebook groups.

I’m being really nudged by the team to start sharing information about the various energies I work with, and the work we do.

And to kick this off I’m opening up live video Q&A sessions on my Facebook groups.
Now I’m aware not everyone is on social media and many are taking step back. I totally understand this.

If the video(s) is(are) good, clear and fit for purpose I will share it/them here for you to access.

I’ve opened the first one for Dragon Energy in my Dragon & Dino Daft Group to get the ball rolling.

Depending on the questions asked and the answers given I may FINALLY be able to commit something to writing that can be shared. Watch this space


Live video Dragon Energy Q&A Session Facebook – Sunday 13th Jan 6pm



 Dino energy will be next. Depending on requests from my Energy Forum group I may be opening the doors up to wider subject matter. This is another wait and see moment for me – and depends what the team chuck in as well.

So much for the radio silence!

Be careful what you wish for folks, you might just get it………