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a new teaching system coming soon

Coming Soon!

As you may have spotted on the blog something has been sitting growing in the background this year. And it’s all about going beyond self care – moving into soul care

Dragon Soul Care

Now the phrase soul care itself I doubt is unique but its the term my team gave me to encompass all the work I have been doing over the last 18 years. Or more specifically what we have been focussed on over the last 8. And since they passed it to me I’ve seen what is being built grow and GROW. Even if I have been procrastinating!

This will be only for those who are ready to truly step up and take themselves seriously. To take responsibility for actions, reactions and beliefs. Going deep within and facing what comes up.

But it will be done at an intensity and pace that works for you

If you like to read the blog or the article itself then please do.

I don’t have specific details to share as yet only that this is based on my own experiences and journey thus far.

Watch this space!