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Oracle card reading 29th Oct – 4th Nov 2018

Photo of the weekly oracle card spread for 29th October – 4th November 2018

Mon 29th – Tue 30th : Little Red Riding Hood

Ooookay. This card is for me about owning your crap and not falling for it anymore. It’s just a story, a script, window dressing even doesn’t mean you have to follow it. You can set fire to it, re-write it or even go completely off script.

To what am I referring? Quite simply where we fall into or play out the victim in our lives. Of blaming others for where we find ourselves and attempting to deflect and project onto others.

Enough already. It’s time to SEE what you’re actually doing and call time on it. If it’s a repeating pattern that keeps coming up then it’s on YOU to sort it out. Life is a series of choices that WE make . You choose now to see where this vibration is playing out, to meet it face on and change things. Only you can – not someone else, a guide, a mentor or a teacher. They can help guide you but you do the heavy lifting.

For those of you starting to step forwards and state “I am not a victim “ good for you. You may have found life, circumstance, choices etc that have pushed you to where you are but by choosing to stand in your power, stopping giving it away to others and getting vocal when needs must you are SHOWING pound and clear that this is your life and how you live it is on you. You are taking a stand.

By facing your own victim hood and dissolving it you can act as a beacon for others. Of showing by your actions that it is possible to say “sod it, my life, my rules”

Own your life, don’t be a bit player in it.

Wed 31st – Thur 1st Nov : Music

This card to me is about welcoming music into your life more fully in whatever form works for you.

Some may have talent in a musical field and be getting a nudge to go more fully into it, some may want to dance and express themselves through music, others may find pieces of music which trigger shifts, bring inspiration or simply change vibration.

For me on a personal level this is about welcoming sound work in more fully – from drumming (I have a drum sitting waiting on me getting my head out my rear), to singing bowls and solfeggio pieces. They help bring calm, focus and clarity to me and what I’m doing. Simply personal experience.

So if you get the urge to turn the radio up and sing at the wheel of the car then do it – it’s your inner guidance to let loose a bit. To be a bit more relaxed and easy going.

Whatever this card and the word music means to you – just go with it. It may even be the colour and form of the image itself that speaks to you more than my translation.

Fri 2nd – Sun 4th : A Time to say Goodbye

This ties in with the beginning of the week for what I’m being shown. So for those of you slightly alarmed by the message please don’t be.

Letting things go be it people, situations, long held beliefs, even family is not always a bit scary thing. Sometimes it’s a natural progression and the best for all involved.

Clinging onto things that hurt or drain us will continue to do only that. By letting them release you are showing the universe you are open to new opportunities as you create space for them.

It may be what or who you are letting go is only for a short period and when it returns it will be in a form more in line with your new vibration.

This goodbye, then release is part of a cycle , and all cycles have a natural end point. Learning to let go without clinging is beneficial for all- truly.

It shows you more of who you are , of your own personal power and the more comfortable you are with this the quicker you can release things, people, situations when the time comes.

Change is the one constant in life and by learning to adapt with it rather than fight it you’ll begin to see how things flow.


Start of the week : where are you playing out the victim role in your life right now? Time to acknowledge it and move on. Change the script and show others that you are comfortable in your own skin, making your own choices and picking your own direction. Own your life rather than being a bit player.

Mid week : time to let sound and music in. In whatever form speaks to you the loudest. Time to cut loose and stop being so serious for a bit.

End of the week : learning to let go of things/people/ beliefs instead of clinging to them opens up space for new energies/people/understanding. Try not to cling to it and instead thank it, let it go and move on. You may be surprised at the new doors opening rather rapidly once you do.

Decks used :

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish