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Oracle card reading 11th – 17th Oct 2021

photo of the cards drawn for 11t to 17th October 2021

Mon 11th – Tue 12: Happiness

This may feel like a bit of an odd card for some folk. But it’s a reminder that you can be happy despite what is going on around you. Or despite people telling you the world is a terrible place with all these awful things happening or due to happen.
It can depend where you choose to place your attention.
If you focus on doom and gloom you will attract just that. But when you can shift your focus to gratitude and happiness, even for the small things or small wins you can attract more.
Now I’m not saying be happy clappy, sunshine and unicorn sprinkles or slapping a smile on your face . As 1, that’s just not me and 2, that’s a whole load of bypassing…… Stand up for what you believe in, shed light on the shadow , honour what you feel , when you feel it. But bring in balance.
But a caution when you live in that space for too long it can overtake you.
Do your best not to block prosperity, abundance and happiness from your life.
Try being present and allowing yourself to feel joy, to laugh and to be content if you feel it. If you feel a need to simplify things, take a step back and re-assess then do it.
Be conscious who’s voice you listen to and who you give head space to. If it/they make you grind your teeth or give you a headache just thinking about it , it may be time to move on.
You are responsible for your choices.
The card colour for me is a nod towards the solar plexus and your personal power.

Wed 13th – Thur 14th : Frequency Shift

Ok spotting a theme now as I start typing these up And mid-week for some you may feel a significant change/shift in either your energy or the Collective energy around you.
For some this may be the start of a shift for you at a personal level. And these aren’t always smooth sailing but with hindsight you can see they were absolutely the best thing to happen. Might not feel like it at the time. And for some it can be you wake up one morning and things have shifted without you consciously being involved. It all depends on the work and yourself.
Some others may be coming out of a shift and given we have planets starting to move OUT of retrograde phase it may be in synch.
A handful of you are finishing up a shift as we all work at different rates, times and speeds. Take some time to allow things to integrate before sprinting into the new. You might be a bit wobbly to begin with and require a little R&R first.
Whatever the change it will be the right thing for you. But you may not realise it immediately. Give it time.
Change is constant and can only be held back for so long.
The card holds a lot of blue which for me is the throat or the voice. Allow your truth to come forwards – owning it, speaking it and living it.
The image itself is also showing growth from the egg to something more complex. So if you feel like coming out of your shell this may be part of the shift.

Fri 15th – Sun 17th : Path of the Soul

Now this card may push a few people but in a gentle way.
This card is all about the opening of the heart and changing how you react to others as well as yourself. The card speaks of love but I hear compassion.
And true compassion – from the soul and centre of who you are. It takes time and practice to get into the flow. Any resistance you may have is natural but you can go past it.
Allowing yourself to realise that people have different views, thoughts, beliefs and experiences can help with this. We all see different parts of the bigger picture. While we may not have the same view we can acknowledge that all is valid – it’s simply someone else has had that particular experience. Which at a Collective level means we have all experienced it in some way (let that sit with you).
Having compassion does not mean you become a door-mat. Having good working boundaries is a form of compassion to yourself. And honouring others boundaries is a beautiful thing.
If you find you have walked over some do your best not to beat yourself up – but to learn, grow and shift from the experience/realisation.
We are all still (mostly) human and life can be complicated as we navigate through it all.
Be kind to yourself first – then it ripples out.
The strong pink and green in this speaks of the heart (green) and the higher heart (the expansive pink).

Extra for the week : Assistance

Extra card drawn for 11th to 17th October 2021

And the extra card for the week is this beautiful reminder that help is at hand. But please remember to ASK. It may need permission/an invitation from you first before it can activate.
The blue is that again of the throat or your truth so be sure and speak it. When you do it cannot be misunderstood or taken out of context.
Drop any pretence and be yourself. Some people may struggle with it but you will feel better for being yourself.
For some others you may the help someone else needs. If you are in a position to offer that help without draining your energy or resources then go for it.

Decks used:

Divine Guidance
Return of Spirit
Path of the Soul
All by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies