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Oracle card reading 12th – 18th Nov 2018

Oracle card reading for 12th – 18th Nov 2018

Mon 12th – Tue 13th : Renewal

A reminder that life is a spiral not a flat line.

This card actually reminds me of a fern opening up as it grows to reveal the beauty and form held in that tight spiral growth. And as the wheel turns the fern starts to grow older, slow down and eventually turn into another form.

It’s time to realise/admit you have had all sorts of changes, challenges, shifts going on and they can take a bit of time to integrate – indeed we had a similar message for the previous week. It’s still ongoing folks – and may take you a bit longer than anticipated to adjust to the newer energies (raises own damn hand to that one)

So take time – it won’t happen overnight for most, for some it just might.

If you’ve let things go or spotted where some things are no longer working now is the time for healing, or repair and rebuilding – either from scratch or fixing what’s there. Only you will know which is right for you. Either way it’s time.

Let things rearrange, re-knit, change form, morph into something else and give it and you space to do so. It might not be the smoothest of rides but it IS needed.

Wed 14th – Thur 15th : Mermaid in a Koi pond

This to me is all about a blossoming into self.
Into who you are and standing in your power.

You are unique and rather than hide what makes you tick perhaps its time to let some of it come out. This is you reclaiming your power, your voice, your choice. In essence reclaiming yourself.
Taking yourself back from those who would have you be someone else to fit their perspective and wishes, rather than who you are at this point.

This is simply a reflection of THEIR perspective not yours. Again it’s not always easy shaking off the shackles – self imposed or otherwise as we all do to some extent silence ourselves to fit in or be someone else.

It’s ok to be you. Truly.

Shake off others energy, expectation and assumptions – feel that weight coming off our shoulders and take a moment to remember who you are and what makes you happy.

This message will keep repeating till you make a conscious choice to change the status quo.

Fri 16th – Sun 18th : Angel of Strength

Following on from the previous card very nicely – you have more strength in you than you realise and you can make changes even if they thought makes you shake or raises your anxiety. Take it from someone who had to make a radical life change to break a repeating cycle and is still here 4 years later a happier, more balanced , self empowered person.

If I can do it trust me you can too – whatever the massive wall is that you feel you have to scale.

The lion in this card leap out at me as it’s a recurring theme – linked to what I’m working with and where I’m about to go in the ancestral side – theres a lion on my clan crest. But it’s also a link to fire energy – to creating change, new direction and really shredding away the crap.

You can work with that fire energy that comes through – of transmuting what’s to go, of standing firmly in who you are and the choices YOU feel are needed to be made. Again listen to yourself not others who would have you stay as you are for their benefit.

To speak your truth clearly without fear again even if it makes you shake you have the strength and the support to do it. The support may well be from a direction you would never have considered – but take it when offered if it feels right.

You can and will do this.


Start of the week – take some time for you right now. You’re still integrating the changes and shifts that have happened recently. Let things settle first and see where you find yourself before leaping into any form of action.

Mid week – a reminder that you are who you are not who someone wants or wishes you to be to suit them. Shake off others expectations and be you instead. Be your own unique magnificent weirdo – you may be an inspiration to others. Don’t stagnate in someone elses pond.

End of the week – you have deep inner strength that you can pull on when needed. Even if you don’t believe me give it a try you will surprise yourself. It’s time to speak and stand in your truth and own it.

Decks used :

Path of the Soul – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Energy Oracle cards – Sandra Anne Taylor