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Oracle card reading 13th – 19th Sept 2021

cards drawn for the oracle reading 13th to 19th September 2021

Mon 13th – Tue 14th : New Direction

How many of you feel as if you are stuck in a cycle, keep repeating a pattern or just feel something isn’t quite as it should be?
Ok so what are you going to change in order to break free of where you find yourself.
In order to change you have to be willing to MAKE a change.
Go inwards with this one and ask yourself when a patterns comes up – why is this? What are you facilitating each time you allow it to cycle? Change can happen but you have to be open to it and prepared to take the first step.
Claim responsibility for yourself as the solution won’t be handed to you on a platter.
If you are routinely blocking or self sabotaging it’s time to delve into why this is. To look at what you are anxious or fearful about head on. And then ask what you can do to break, change or shift the pattern/cycle. Some of it will be not so pretty, some might be a hard slog and some may take a moment or two and its gone.
But it’s work you need to do for yourself. Yes people can help you pinpoint it, give the tools needed or dial into the finer detail but they can’t fix it for you. You’ll know this if the pattern keeps repeating despite having gone to various people to fix it. At a level YOU need to move it on.
Sometimes a change in direction is simply trying another way. If what you keep repeating isn’t working now, it’s highly unlikely to work tomorrow. Try a different angle or direction and it may give you insight that’s not been visible before.
Follow the spiral and see where it leads.

Wed 15th – Thur 16th : Ohm

After the deep dive into your own energy, thoughts, behaviours and more it may be a good time to pause.
To take stock.
Integrate and re-charge.
This card represents Ohm which may be the physical sound made with the mantra or a nod towards slowing down &/or meditation.
Taking time and space for yourself.
It may be for some a time to re-connect with your voice and your truth. Even if just with yourself at this stage. Get comfortable with having your own voice, story and truth. As when you become comfortable with it then becomes possible to share it.
This can be a massive step. Typed by one who understands that only too well.
Give yourself time, give yourself compassion. If baby steps are all you can manage remember it’s still forwards movement. The bigger steps will come later when you feel less wobbly.
If you are able to use mantras, singing or sound tools then go ahead. It may be a creative way in which to unlock this area. I for one cannot (and I understand why) but it may be perfect for you.
As I’m typing I’m being shown lapis linked with the colour of this card. I’ll let you (and myself) sit with this.

Fri 17th – Sun 19th : Illuminate

Can you see all the colour inside this image? It’s not all blue. There are finer strings and threads of colour when you start to look a little deeper.
The full spectrum. The shape on the card may be relevant to some of you.
This is a nod to let your light shine – or bring light to a situation.
The greater the level of light the more is seen, revealed and unhidden. This can be a double edged sword. Be prepared for this.
We may find or expose aspects of ourself that we are deeply uncomfortable with. If this happens see it as an opportunity to shift, to change.
It can of course reveal aspects of ourselves we didn’t know we had but are absolutely the right thing for right now and is a huge relief.
You may reveal aspects of a situation you were perhaps not aware of or had been hidden from view. This can cause people and situations to spiral. Let that happen. Sometimes things are required to fall apart before something new can be built in it’s place.
Be authentic. It shines through every time. Also takes up a lot less energy to just be yourself.
If you get a bit shaken up with what you find or see then take some time to do as guided mid-week. Give yourself time and space to integrate and process. You may start to see things from a different perspective that explains things more fully for you.
extra card drawn for the week

Extra for the week : Heed wise Counsel

A good strong card this one. And it’s a reminder that if you get good advice be open to taking it.
It’s very easy to ask for advice on something and then completely ignore it. If you ask you have to listen at the same time. Otherwise what is the point in asking in the first place?
Guidance can appear in unexpected ways so if possible pay attention to the finer details.
If guided to research, study or dig a little deeper then go with it. Particularly if related to the deeper self work popping up this week.
And for some others it may be that you give advice or a different take on things for someone else. If thats the case then listen to what you say as it may apply to you as well.
Finally for some reason the word counsel is giving me a nod to legal framework and language. If doing anything that involves contracts, legal issues etc then make sure you get advice first. I wouldn’t typically say this but that’s what I’m being shown .

Decks used:

Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies