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Oracle card reading 14th – 20th June 2021

cards drawn for oracle reading 14th to 20th June 2021

Mon 14th – Tue 15th : Lion Guide

A strong week – and given we are now building up to Solstice on the 21st you can possibly understand why. So much fire and with it comes the ability to charge up of drain down.
We start the week with Lion guide which for me is a nod to those of you who haven’t already done so to let your voice and your truth be heard. And no I don’t mean shouting others down – there’s no excuse for that.
By being true to who you are, what makes you tick and your OWN moral code your voice shines through. Hiding or being someone else to fit in and not cause waves dulls your light, your voice and in time you may forget who you actually are.
This is a card of self empowerment and autonomy. Deciding to choose your life your way. Not being forced or told what to do by some/thing else simply as it suits them.
If they don’t have your best interests at heart why do you give their voice more power than your own?
Sit with that question and go deep with it if you can.
To some others who’ve been a bit TOO forceful with their voice and truth – you may want to rein it in a bit before you go too far. If you are always shouting people stop listening to you. Everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard. If you don’t agree with them. So what? They have a different experience and perspective – give it some respect. Shouting over others is a form of projection and won’t do you any favours right now.
Lead by example instead and walk your talk. It’s easy to wax lyrical about something but if you aren’t living it why are you preaching it?
Integrity is key right now.
I’m also drawn to the purple of the card as this for me is about the third eye, clear vision, discernment and intuition. Allow these strengths to come up to the forefront. Listen to what your inner guidance tells you. Observe before you act.

Wed 16th – Thur 17th : Immunity

Now some of you may read this card in different ways – so you go with what YOU are given. We have had this card before not too long ago. So something is repeating or we are being given another opportunity to change.
It’s a word that’s a hot topic and has been for over a year. So lets look at it from an energetic stand point and take all the other debate OFF the table.
When you feel as if you are under attack you will have particular defence mechanisms that you fall back on. Sometimes these can do more harm than good. Take a look at your standard pattern.
  • Do you retreat?
  • Is attacking back your default?
  • Do you lose your voice and submit?
Have you found that these work for you at all?
If not it’s time to change things up.
Boundaries are a fantastic place to start. Drawing a line in the sand and saying this is what you will accept and over the line is what you will not – people find it more difficult to bulldoze through them. Once created though you must honour them. If you pay no attention to your boundaries then they are essentially worthless or invisible.
Pay attention to them and stand by them and peoples attitude towards you/your life style/ your choice will change. Take it from one who knows.
Peoples responses, feelings and opinions are their own. Even if extended towards you it’s outside of your control and ultimately not your bullshit to deal with. You can and do have full responsibility for your own beliefs, feelings and opinions so start with them.
The more you take control of the things inside your sphere of influence the less likely others will bother you to the same extent.
Step up, take responsibility for yourself, set robust boundaries and carry on.

Fri 18th – Sun 20th : Encoded

Not had this pop up for a while.
It’s a great card and if you can zoom in and see if you pick up anything direct. there are hidden messages in he artwork that not everyone will see or connect with.
This is about translating what is around you. Not just the seen or the spoken – but the unseen, the hidden and the words not said. Learn or remember how to navigate these waters.
You may start to get confirmation from external sources without the need to search for them. Trust your gut and your guides.
It can be a bit of a a headf*ck as once seen certain things cannot be unseen. But if you are aware of this going in you will be able to integrate and shift as needed along the way.
As with all rabbit holes – bungee cord to the back of you first so that if need be you can be pulled back out if you start to get stuck.
If in doubt come back to your core first – sense check what has come up. Ask if it resonates or not. If yes carry on, if not ditch it and move past.

Extra for the full week : Change of Mind


extra card for the week

Love this card as it’s a reminder that so many have forgotten in recent times.
You can change your mind about anything at any time.
It may be a feeling, new information about a situation or person that allows you to make a different decision, it may even be something no longer resonates as it once did.
Whatever it is you can, and are allowed, to change your mind and direction.
For some it may be a nod to the eclipse energies currently falling away and solstice building up. That you are in shift pattern or process. Give yourself time to integrate to the new energies around you. It may be disorientating at first but you will adjust.
Some others of you may be out the other side of a shift or transition. If you feel a bit wobbly then do what you can to ground and centre. Find your balance before doing anything else. Tempting though it may be to go full throttle you may have to learn how to walk again first …….
And if those around you are in the process of changing ideas, beliefs, energies etc then give them the benefit of the doubt. They may spin out a bit ( as may you) as they adjust. Give them support if needed and you are in a position to do so.


Start of the week – find that voice of yours. You have the courage to let it be heard if needed – but may have forgotten that along the way. Try not to get so enthused that you drown others out …….you wouldn’t like it if they did it you .
Mid week – work on your boundaries and taking responsibility for your reactions/actions/beliefs etc. This is key to finding and keeping yourself in balance.
End of the week – find the hidden details. You may get confirmation from surprising sources. Sense check with your gut/discernment first. If it feels right carry on, if not send it back rather than taking it on.
For the full week – if you need to change your mind or direction do it. We all have this ability but can forget. Allowing others to step in and coax/ or bully us down paths that aren’t right for us. Or to make decisions that we wouldn’t have made on our own. Be open to change as it’s a constant in life. Walk your talk.

Decks used :

Divine Guidance
Return of Spirit
Path of the soul – All by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies