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Oracle card reading 14th – 20th October 2019

photo of 3 card spread for 14th to 20th October 2019

Mon 14th – Tue 15th : Celestial

I decided to stick to only one deck this week and it’s interesting that all 3 cards are repeating a similar theme for the week.

At the start we are being reminded that we have all sorts of guides and guardians around us. At all times. They are there to help guide us – especially when we feel a bit stuck.

For those who have been getting frustrated at not seeing their path clearly or getting confused – it’s time to ask for some guidance or confirmation. In a way that you can translate without too much effort.

So ask them.

It’s easy when we get overwhelmed to not trust in ourselves or where we feel we are heading. This is a reminder to listen to your own guidance, what comes forwards and the little confirmations placed in front of you.

For some it may be feeling the fear and doing it anyway – that small tentative step may be enough to let the next phase roll in.

Wed 16th – Thur 17th : Simplicity

Are you starting to see the theme here? This is about a period of consolidation.

Of stripping things back to the bare bones without all the pomp and ceremony. To see the heart of what’s being presented without all the distraction.

It may be you are being asked to look at what you have around you and pare it back a bit. Be it things, people, responsibilities etc.

What can you let go or delegate? You may surprise yourself.

For some others this is call to look at your energetic profile and do an inventory of sorts. Are there modalities etc you are holding onto that in truth you’ve stepped away from? Are you holding onto them just “in case” you need them? If you let the dissolve out would it really be such a big loss to you?

By letting go we release up space. Space that can allow in the new.

For some others this is a kick up the backside to take some time out for yourself – and use it for self care. Not paying lip service to it – ACTUALLY doing it.

These cards are the exact things I spoke about on Friday evening so they will be ringing loud and clear for a few folk – myself included.

Fri 18th – Sun 20th : Faith

Trust is another word for faith – and you can see immediately where this is going.

Things are pretty much up in the air in general right now and trying to cling to things, or stop change will only drive you nuts. Have a bit of faith or trust in yourself and your guides. They won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

It may feel like it but with hindsight when you look back you can see it WAS the right thing for you at the time.

Sometimes things have to fall apart so they can be rebuilt into something that much stronger.

You have so many talents, abilities and strengths. Even if you don’t always see or believe them. They are there as they are part of you.

Embrace who you are right now and know you are enough.

Have faith in yourself.


Start of the week : A reminder that you don’t always get to see your path clearly. But you can ask your guides and guardians for a bit of clarity. Taking that small step you are dreading may be what opens things up for you – by showing the Universe “yes I’m nervous but I’m doing it regardless”. It’s strong stuff.

Mid week – a period of consolidation for many and a few days after full moon. If guided to gut a room, shred old paperwork, throw out old certificates, let go of “stuff” …the go with it. At times what we surround ourselves with becomes a distractions. So trip away all the distraction and get back to basics for a while. You may find the clarity you were searching for all along.

End of the week – have some faith in yourself and your decisions. We all have paths to follow and very rarely are they straight lines. It’ll make sense eventually if you TRUST yourself. Give it a go.

Deck used:

Return of Spirit by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies