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Oracle card reading 15th – 21st March 2021

Now this was an interesting one as the 1st and 3rd cards are from a deck which gives a slightly different meaning depending which way up the card is drawn. Both of these flipped out side on. I have a feeling that there is something the energy wants you to do, and something else that there is potential to do.
Those of you who follow astrology will already know this is a BIG week – and we also have Equinox on the 20th into the mix as well. I’m not going to re-invent the wheel so if you have someone you trust for astrology get their take on the week to flesh this out.
Photo of cards drawn for 15th to 21st March 2021

Mon 15th – Tue 16th : Lead the way

Or leading by example. This was one of the cards that came out the deck side on so there are two very different aspects.
We have some fairly volatile energies and alignments this full week and the possibility for people to spin out, react or even blow up are off the chart. You may even feel the pull to do it yourself.
Rather than give in – and I know in many situations it will be very hard not to – do your best to stop, breathe, think it through first. Take a moment to gather your thoughts and energy before commenting or acting.
That moment of pausing may stop a lot of damage being done.
And by doing this you may unknowingly help others do that same or similar.
Not by telling them what to do (for the love of the wee man avoid that at all costs this week) but by showing them what you are doing. You cannot possibly help anyone if your own emotions are spinning out or you are ungrounded.
Do what you can to stay connected to your sense of self, your beliefs and inner knowing of what is right for you – and stick to it. Or in simpler terms walk your talk.
This is a way that many will step up without even realising it.
It’s not done to gain brownie points or status – it’s done to find a solution to a personal or collective challenge. Thinking outside the box and remaining calm and balanced.
What I’m drawn to is the number of birds in the card and the fox – so may be a nod that in order to ground getting outside into nature might be a sensible option. Turn off your phone and take a walk.
What the clashing energies may be asking you to do is not step up. To allow your emotions to take over and swamp you. Avoiding responsibility and casting or projecting blame outwards.
Don’t. Even if it feels easy or comfortable to do so.
You have free will and can move all that aside.
Calm and balanced is the way this week.
Even if its fecking hard work.

Wed 17th – Thur 18th : Light body guide

Interesting card this one as it’s for those of you who may have been feeling a little out of sorts recently.
We all have over the past 12 months and may even feel we have lock-down fatigue. This is true but for some it’s actually an integration or shift.
That fuzzy thinking, wobbly feeling. Those odd palpitations and funny things going on with your body. It be energies shifting about.
Yes for some it may be excess adrenaline and it may be a good idea to take a look at that and find an outlet to relieve the pressure. Exercise is always a good starting point. Or grabbing a pillow and screaming into it for a few minutes may help….. or a punch bag.
But for some others these odd things may be your body adjusting to an energetic shift. If this is the case things will calm down – trust.
If that fails there is a butterfly in the heart of the card and you can focus your attention there. Understanding that the change from caterpillar to butterfly is a period of transformation and transmutation.
You’re still in the chrysalis and need a bit more time before trying to fly.
Some of you, like myself, may find that simply looking at the card helps you to centre and ground. Concentrate or meditate on the card itself and see what comes up.

Fri 19th – Sun 21st : Forget who you are

The second card that popped out side on and it falls across the Spring/Autumn equinox depending where in the world you are.
A lot of what may be forced up to the surface this week can be old programming, learned behaviour and inherited patterns. Personally and collectively.
What we are being shown by this card is we have the ability to shift all of this. To dissolve it all out and let all the conditioning fall away. Leaving you with your own thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Raising the density.
Equinox is the perfect time to do this as it’s a marker in time and pretty potent.
Forget who you have been taught to believe you are.
Dig a bit deeper under the surface.
Stop allowing the past and others to define who you are right now.
Rediscover the facets of yourself that are ready to blossom.
The reverse of this is that others around you (or even yourself – be honest) may be making you want to hit your head off a brick wall. They are happy and content to believe everything they are told – and ridicule/bully/shame those who don’t.
They are at a place where they feel comfortable – leave them be. Seriously. Give them the space they need and step back. Do. Not. Engage.
Trying to force people to your way of thinking will backfire in spectacular fashion in these energies.
Instead look to yourself first – what are you holding that no longer resonates? Can you find another way to interact without pushing your own narrative? I know this will sting a bit but just because you believe something to be true or false doesn’t mean everyone will.
Do your best not to fall into these divide and conquer energies that WANT you to burn bridges and add to the disconnection.
So do the exact opposite and refuse to feed it.
Extra card for the week

Extra guidance for the week : Healing

Pretty self explanatory isn’t it.
With the potential for clashes, anger, division and the like it pays to turn your attention inwards.
To look at where you may be looking to heal or move on energies/feelings/ memories.
Take time in nature. Note the changes around you and see the wisdom you are being shown .
Slow down, rest, put yourself first.
Ensure your boundaries are in good repair and respect them.
Take time away from technology and reset your energies.
If you work with crystals you may find yourself drawn to them this week – listen to them and connect deeper.
Do what feels right for you right now.


Start of the week – lead by example. Rather than react or spin out take a moment to pause and consider. Sleep on it if you have to. By taking control of your reactions (even if its really bloody hard) you may be showing others another way. Or how to consider other options. If you feel the urge to let your emotions take over, or get very angry and spew it everywhere – get outside instead. Walk it off.
Mid week – if you have the wobbles, or are fuzzy thinking , have odd feelings in your body……breathe. For some you are experiencing a shift and the body takes a while to adjust. It will pass – trust. If that fails find some exercise to burn off the excess or out of sorts energy.
End of the week – this falls on equinox which is a potent time. Whatever has come up over the week ask if you can dissolve it out or let it go. Holding on to old thoughts, beliefs and programming may be bogging down your energy. Let go of conditioning and allow YOU to come forwards instead. Do your best not to give in to the divide and conquer energies. Look to yourself first.
Extra guidance for the week – deep healing. And by this I mean asking what your body needs – be it rest, water, sleep, change of food…… Give yourself time and prioritise your well being. When we have volatile energies it can be a safer option to step out and work on your heath instead.

Decks used:

Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies