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Oracle card reading 16th – 22nd Nov 2020

photo of three cards drawn for 16th to 22nd November 2020
Still a pretty clear message this week if you simply want to connect to the cards and bypass my translation.

Mon 16th – Tue 17th – Illumination

At the start of the week we are given candle light and illumination. To bring to light that which has been hidden or shadowed or buried.
It is another opportunity to see the truth of what you have been told, what you believe, or have been presented. Now is the time for clear thinking, of research and finding your OWN truth.
Now you can read into this translation if you wish – but the main thread is to find what is and feels true to you.
Some people get a bit twitchy around the thought or idea of shadow believing it to be bad or scary. It isn’t. It’s simply something you either haven’t looked at or simply don’t yet understand. The dark and scary is a script that’s been handed down. Especially in the spiritual field. I could say more but this is neither the time nor the place.
We are all a balance of light and shadow. One does not exist without the other. Light and shadow are aspects of who you are.
When they are out of balance that’s when things can get complicated.
Not all that says it is light is so.
Not all that says it’s shadow is so.
You have to pick the threads apart for yourself.
To seek what is your truth.
By all means seek assistance but know someone who is a true facilitator will give you the tools to do the work yourself They won’t do it for you, nor should this be your expectation.
Take responsibility for yourself first. Then look at what pops up.
You can ask Source, your Higher Self, Guides and whatnot to help add light so you can see clearly. But don’t ask for so much it blinds you.
Theres a balancing act to this.


For some others you may have been pooh-poohing your own ideas etc in favour of someone else’s voice.
Knock it off. Listen to your own inner guidance and pay attention.
The solution may have been in front of you the entire time but you wrote it off as silliness or imagination.
Wed 18th – Thur 19th – Breaking dawn
When this card first popped up I immediately was drawn to the violet flame and a nod towards energy clearing. If you feel it’s time to start letting some things/situations/people go then do it if it feels right.
Often times we can hold onto things that really start holding us back. In truth is this holding on serving any real purpose?
If not can you drop this weight?
You can – so if you are saying no question where this is truly sitting. Is it even your own voice you are hearing? Change is inevitable and clinging on too tight may mean you risk stagnation and getting stuck.
You can work with the violet lame to help release what needs to go.
The card itself is a gentle (yes really) reminder that every dawn is the chance to start again. Fresh ideas, fresh starts, new direction. The potential is in every sunrise.
So again something you have been asking for or seeking is breaking through like the rays at dawn. Be open to seeing them and welcoming them in. Try not to be in such a rush that you miss the colour and light breaking.
Yes you are exhausted but let this light and newness be a balm to the spirit. If you can physically get up to welcome the sunrise then do it – or if that is simply not possible then watch a sunset knowing the wheel turns and a new day will dawn once more.

Fri 20th – Sun 22nd – The grid

I love the explosion of colour, light and movement with this card. And truthfully you will get more simply looking at the card and I advise doing so.
This is a reminder of all connection in all things.
In particular our connection with the Gaia. And for some this may be not quite what it was, or even missing.
It’s time to reconnect. To listen to her guidance. To watch the seasons and the lessons they bring. Connecting direct with her yourself.
If you can take some time out simply to observe. Be it in a woodland, at the beach, in your garden, on a walk. Whatever. Cloud gaze and see the messages in the shapes. Listen to the birds and let their wisdom go inwards.
Pay attention to the ground you walk on and lift any litter you see. Get your hands in the soil. See the leaves falling, or watch for new shoots depending which hemisphere you live in. Caring for the local wildlife is another way – it can be as simple as popping out a seed feeder. It doesn’t have to be a big complicated thing.
We are given so much guidance and confirmation on an hourly basis but do we fully listen?
Only you can answer that.
The earth gird(s) itself is a massive multi-faceted thing and we are PART of it.
Remember this.


Start of the week – time to dig a lot deeper than surface level. Put the work in and find what you feel to be true. Bring illumination to this and let the shadow be see – face on. See it and then you can do something about it.
Mid week – work with the violet flame to help release anything you have ready to move on at an energetic level. So much has been brought up this year and some small fragments may still be there. Flush them out. For some others this is a gentle reminder that every dawn is a new day with new opportunity. Let that wonder come back in.
End of the week – for most if not all of us it’s time to reconnect fully with this planet we live on. To watch and listen to all around us and connect back in. Too many of us have been unplugged. There is so much wisdom being offered if we are open enough to receive it.

Decks used:

Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meikljohn-Free
Oracle of Shadows & Light – Lucy Cavendish
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies