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Oracle card reading 20th – 26th Jan 2020

photo of 3 card spread using of the oracle reading 20t to 26th January 2020


Mon 20th – Tue 21st : Two Kittens – you must choose

Ok so we have a bit of tough love at the start of the week. Have you a decision to make that you are faffing with? Can’t make a choice either one way or the other? I hate to break it to you folks but you need to pick one, and now.

The constant back and forth is causing more harm than good by having you so entrenched you’re going to get stuck. Or so distracted you miss what’s important.

Make a decision, go with it and get moving again.

We can only do our best with the information at hand – waiting for more or wanting to see the bigger picture right now isn’t serving anyone. With the info you have to hand right now make a choice.

If you realise down the line that perhaps it wasn’t the “right” one you can fix it then.

If this whole thing starts to spin you into panic – stop. Take a breath, find some calm and then clear your mind of others opinions, advice etc. Ask your gut which way to go and trust what comes through.

Any more faffing and you’ll drive yourself batty.

Choose. Take action. Move.

Wed 22nd – Thur 23rd : Dreamcatcher

Theres a secondary meaning to this card which you might now be able to read from the photo. And that is dreaming your wisdom.

This card falls just before the January New Moon on the 24th and this can be a potent time for new ideas coming through. Your own inner/hidden wisdom making an appearance. Your guides, ancestors etc speaking to you at a time when you are more receptive.

For some you may have extra vivid dreams which may make little sense at the time but with a touch of hindsight will be like a shining light. What needs to make sense will have been heard/witnessed by your higher or conscious self – trust in this.

Some others of you may find it to be an active dreamtime with no recall – and thats fine too. Set the intent that whatever work you are doing you come back into body GENTLY before waking. Also set the intent that anything NOT in your best and highest interests do not have permission to contact you in this space.

A lot can come through when we make the time to relax and be still – so if having trouble sleeping it may be an idea to try this waking meditative space before going to sleep.

Fri 24th – Sun 26th : The mermaid and the turtle

Another nod to older wisdom coming to you – either yours or via an elder in some form…..and be open as elders without expectations as they can be packaged up in younger forms.

This card falls on the January New Moon which for me is all about letting go of what no longer serves , creating space for the new. It is the phoenix cycle of death and rebirth. Be brave shed what no longer fits and embrace the new, the reborn or the remembered.

Some of you may feel the call from Gaia direct to tune in and listen to what she has to say – direct without filters of modalities or other people. Listen well. You may find you have a role to play in assisting her and those who live upon her.

I’m speaking in code as I type this if you are meant to understand you will.


Start of the week – a kick up the rear time folks. Whatever decision you are wavering about it’s time to pick a direction and go with it. No more faffing. Make a decision. Take action. Move forwards.

Mid week – your dream time can reveal much hidden wisdom. Pay attention to any dream recall – write a diary if it helps. If you’re struggling to sleep take time before bed to go into a quiet meditative space and allow what comes forwards to do so – use your discernment with what pops up.

End of the week – falling on New Moon so time to let go of what no longer serves and makes space for new information, wisdom and people. Old knowledge may be returning to you wrapped up in shiny new packaging – be open to ancients presenting themselves in new ways.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifter – Lucy Cavendish
Oracle of the Dragonfae – Lucy Cavendish


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