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Oracle card reading 22-28 Oct 2018

Photo of oracle card reading 22-28 Oct 2018


Oracle card reading 22nd – 28th October 2018

Mon 22nd – Tue 23rd : Two Kittens

Ok so who has been multitasking to a ridiculous level believing they can do it all? It’s time to make a choice – either one way of the other no longer both or all.

Making a choice can be hard as you weigh up the prices and cons of each direction , so much so that you never decide and burn yourself out instead.

Time to be brutally honest with yourself. And I mean brutal.

Going with your gut and your heart which one FEELS the better choice right now? Not the obvious or most sensible as that’s from the head space – on a gut level which is right for you?

You may have people wading in with their opinion which is great but comes only from their perspective and what they would do, not you. Only you know what’s best for you and folk at times, bless them, forget this.

You can ask for guidance but will you truly heed it? Only you can answer that.

It may feel brutal, harsh or just too hard but you don’t have the capacity to do both right now. Trust and pick the one that feels right. And know the other is not for you right now.

Pick one and move forwards instead of getting stuck and stagnating which serves no-one.

Wed 24th – Thur 25th : Feline

Well this just confirms the first card – this is the rest and integration of all that has gone before. Of taking a short moment of respite to regroup, rest, adjust before the next round.

Cats are independent creatures and they have much to teach us. About doing only what needs to be done then taking self care as a priority. Rest where and when you can as you may be called to step up at “odd” times.

We have a full moon around this time so you may find he cycle knocks you out OR gives you space for some R&R. Whichever it is take it.

Conserve your energy for what is just out of view around the corner.

Fri 26th – Sun 28th : Thunder & Lightning

And it arrives with a bang! Thunder and lightning is something as a person I love – the clearing and charging of the air and the energies. You can feel it through your fingertips , the energies feel clearer and you feel energised. That may be just me but there’s something primal in Storm energy.

And for me it’s also about your OWN personal power – and reclaiming it. Of ceasing to give it away to others and standing in your space and energy and saying “this is me take it or leave it”.

Be empowered by who you are and what you bring forwards.

Of using your voice and letting it be heard – even if it has been discounted before. Reclaim that part of yourself and stop giving the power of your voice to others who prefer to keep you small and powerless.

Draw on the energies of fire and air (thunder and lightning) and recharge your own system with this – be a force of nature if it’s what is needed.

You have the ability to stop things in their tracks and change direction – trust in yourself and your abilities. Even if you believe you have none – this isn’t the case , in fact it may not even be your voice you hear saying this. If it’s someone else who has imprinted on implanted this belief it’s time to dissolve the connection and chuck them out of your system for good – family, teachers, mentors, friends …..it’s makes no difference, if they are attempting to suppress or distort your power in some way they aren’t being authentic.

Life is too short for masks, stories or players.

Enough is more than enough.


Start of the week – no more faffing , you have a choice to make so make it. Pick one or the other as picking neither simply keeps you in a stagnant space. It may not be easy but trust your gut when you ask yourself which is best for you right now. Do it and move on.

Mid week – time for some serious R&R , to rest or play and conserve your energy while you can. You’ll need it!

End of the week – stand in your own damn power and be at peace with who you are. Cease handing your power over to others who would keep you small. Take that part of yourself back. You have a voice so use it – you don’t have to yell to get this done but no more standing back. Harness the elemental energies of thunder and lightning and stand firm.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters- Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free