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Oracle card reading 22nd – 28th July 2019

Photos of the 3 card spread for the oracle reading 22nd to 28th July 2019
Oracle card reading 22nd – 28th July 2019

Mon 22nd – Tue 23rd : Power

This card to me is all about your own personal power – your own energy and getting comfortable with it. Of standing in your own shoes and starting to see the many aspects that make you YOU.

Begin getting to know and understand what makes you tick and what doesn’t. Start pulling pieces of yourself back from where you have given them away.

Power doesn’t need to be about prestige, money, appearance etc . That’s just one (rather outdated) translation.

It doesn’t need to be loud, aggressive or argumentative. Power can be softly spoken, kind and compassionate.

So if you have been shying away from really looking at yourself now is a time to start. To acknowledge who you are even if you have no clue right now. Starting the process is important.

To those who have been hiding your light or protecting it remember it’s going to shine regardless – so let it out for a bit instead. Be hiding it you are disempowering yourself – just let that sink in.

For those who have been having energy drained by others it may be time to call a halt on that. Of setting clear and defined boundaries so that your energy can no longer be pinched to feed others.

Reclaim yourself.

Wed 24th – Thur 25th : Orca magic

Now that we have started to reclaim out own personal power and energies we may start to find wisdom or remembering stepping forwards.

The secondary meaning to this card is the Akashic libraries open. For some this means old long held knowledge, understanding or simply knowing will raise its head.

For others this may be a nod to the shifting energies around us and for the planet – to look to the sky and seek out wisdom held in the constellations. To see the connection between all. And understand to help one helps all.

Doing your own self work ripples out further than you know. The work you do for yourself you do for others through that connection. We all play our part even if at times we are not aware of it.

Fri 26th – Sun 28th : Fearless

This is a great card as I have been speaking about this very thing in one of my groups a few days ago.

Fear – in whatever form it manifests – is a powerful inhibitor. With the ability to stop us from shifting, evolving and moving forwards.

Fear can stop us in our tracks and abandon plans.

It can control all it touches – so lets look at it head on.

What are your fears and where in your body do you feel resistance when you seek to challenge them? Your body is giving you guidance of where to work on yourself to free your energy and spirit. Listen to it. The guidance is solid.

When you can look at your fears, see and determine where they stem from, if indeed they are even ours, you take the power out of it. You reclaim yourself.

Where you can dissolve the fear completely you can surge forwards. For some it’s having the fear and doing it anyway – of pushing through. But only you can determine what is right for you.

What’s right for one person or mentor isn’t automatically right for all. That old chestnut of one size does not fit all comes to mind.

This week is all about finding the path to your self empowerment – observe what comes in, observe your feelings and emotions around it …and the guidance will present itself.


Start of the week : time to start taking your power and energy back from where it has been taken or given away. Be reclaiming yourself and taking responsibility for your actions, feelings and beliefs you begin to understand yourself that bit deeper. It doesn’t have to be done in a panic or in anger – it can be done in calm, gentle softer manner.

Mid week – a few of you may be guided to seek out your birth charts for some extra guidance or understanding. For other it may be physically going outside and looking at the night sky to see and feel the connection we have to all. When you can sense the connection rather than the disconnection you may find all sorts of knowledge stored within or with your direct connection to Source coming through.

End of the week – time to be fearless – to look at where you feel or store fear in yourself and tackling it. Shining a light on it may make it a bit smaller and easier to deal with. For others it may be releasing fear and moving forwards. Of letting go of the ties that keep us motionless and stagnant.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish



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