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Oracle card reading 22nd – 28th Nov 2021

cards drawn for the oracle reading 22nd to 28th November 2021

Mon 22nd – Tue 23rd

As always pay attention when dragon energy shows up randomly in a deck you weren’t anticipating it. Particularly when the colour on the card is the colour that energy shows to you on a daily basis. It’s quite a marker and this is a repeating pattern through the year, and particularly till Solstice.
If someone or something is attempting to tell you how to be, how to live your life, or what to think/feel/believe you HAVE to question it. Whether it’s coming from a good place or not.
Only YOU can decide what you think/feel /believe and the decisions you make around how you live your life.
So get in touch with your truth and live it.
Understand your voice and use it.
Anyone/thing (and as always I include myself in that list) attempting to tell you that you are “wrong” or that their way is the “right” one needs to be looked at under a microscope. Why are they so interested or invested in your choices and decisions?
These voices may not be quite what they appear and it’s worth doing your due diligence as to whether you pay it attention or tell it to sling it’s hook.
Discernment is and remains key.
When in doubt ask yourself what YOU think or feel about a certain situation/challenge first. And go with your gut instinct. It won’t steer you wrong – the other influences well, they just might.
If needed you can use a bit of dragon fire at your back to get the point across if required to get rid of something along the way.
When you come from your truth, your heart you cannot be lead astray.
And conversely if you are the one telling someone how to be or act you will be given the opportunity to see what you are doing and to cease.

Wed 24th – Thur 25th : Work

Now at first glance you may think this refers the work you do to pay your bills. Nope. We are talking about the work you are here to do – your reason for incarnating this time round.
Now it’s a difficult question and can drive us round the bend. Looking for clarity round this can take years.
Instead ask what are you drawn to doing . What keeps catching your attention? It can come as a flash of inspiration, an “I’ve had enough!” moment or something a little less obvious.
It will start to flow if you step back a little and trust that it will make itself known when its time. Do your self work, wade through the shadow as it comes up and the way will become clearer with the other distractions being cleared out.
I have an idea what my role is BUT it’s ever evolving as I shift and change. Be prepared for it to flex and flow as you grow and remember. It’s not a fixed target – it’s a far bigger picture.
Focus within and the answer may reveal itself there.

Fri 26th – Sun 28th : Renewal

Oddly this card jumped out the deck earlier on but it made it’s way to the end of the week instead.
The spiral is the important focus of the card. And for now this is about healing, resting and recuperation.
It’s a heavy week off the back of the eclipse building to the next one on the 4th Dec and some of us need a bit of down time to integrate. Especially if you found the full moon/lunar eclipse combo a bit too much (raises hand!).
If you need to slow down and rest then do that. If you see others racing ahead let them be. We are all on different parts of our energy spiral. When we have energy we can use it, when we don’t we can take time to re-charge first or face burn out.
Find gratitude where you can for what you have around you, the people, the energies. All of it. This is the space I went into during the eclipse and it kept me sane. And it’s what I can focus on till Solstice.
When you are in that space you can see situations and more in a different light. And can go some way to either laying them to rest or starting to heal.
If you have had to make your voice heard and your line in the sand marked then a bit of R&R may be useful.
For some others you are on the way out of this and getting going again – embrace the energy and work with it while it is available to you.
extra card drawn for the week

Extra card for the week – Change of Mind

A powerful card and reminder. You can change your mind about anything as and when it is needed.
As can everyone.
It may be you who are changing direction, a belief or a thought . Or it could be someone around you having a moment of realisation.
Whichever it is cut yourself or them some slack. Changes such as these can be sudden, out of the blue and difficult to navigate. They take time, energy and effort.
But it is the path to self empowerment and autonomy when you understand yourself that more deeply. When you can take responsibility for what is yours rather than pointing a finger of blame outwards. Thats where the change can come in.
I look back to who I used to be versus who I am now and no longer recognise the “old me”. And nor should I. Change is the only constant in life and working with it rather than against it can open up so many more doors than you might realise.
See the image on the card as a butterfly opening it’s wings and starting to fly. Allow yourself the space to do so . Or if it’s someone else step out of the way so you don’t block their flight path.

Decks used :

Path of the Soul
Divine Guidance
Return of Spirit
all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies