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Oracle card reading 23rd – 29th Nov 2020

photo of the three cards drawn for the weekly reading 23rd to 29th November 2020

Mon 23rd – Tue 24th : Lantern Fairy – Clarity

A guiding light in the darkness. And this time it’s one that will help rather than have the potential to hinder.
A few of you have been seeking clarity on a situation/challenge etc and the answer is either coming to you. Or you will finally acknowledge what has been sat in front of you for some time.
We have the ability to block and not see whats under our noses at times.
I’m speaking to those of you who have boundaries/shields in place at an energetic level. You may want to sense check them and make sure they are still in alignment with where you are right now.
These are older boundaries we may have placed up at the very start. And with the work not progressing may actually be BLOCKING the ability to see, sense and sense check other things.
So have a look. Sense check the wording and intent and if need be take them down and start again.
Words hold power so keep it simple and truthful. And check in on them over time as you shift and change.
Those seeking clarity it may be a subtle shift for you or a gentle nudge in a different direction. It may not be a crash , bang, wallop situation. It doesn’t always have to be. Subtle can be gentler on the system (and the nerves!)
Go with your gut and you’ll know what feels right for you.

Wed 25th – Thur 26th : Snake Princess – Pathway

And a card that does pop up a fair bit in these readings. For me this is all about your own path and power, or self empowerment.
The snake while freaking me out (I struggle with snake ) shows a time of shedding skins, growth and knowledge. A vilified being/scapegoat and for that I pay attention. It may be that you will be shown situations where blame has been cast, unjustly. And it may permit you a time to do something about it. Or simply to observe for now.
We are also reminded as the snake moves that straight lines are not always the path we walk. In fact a straight line is a rare thing. We take the winding weaving road – which turns back on itself , splits direction and can take us back to where we started. And that is simply as it is meant to be.
We learn, we grow, we change direction. We adapt to what is presented to us.
For some others this is a nod to starting to stand in your own shoes, your own power and using that voice of yours – be it rusty or otherwise.
The apple she is holding is the key to YOUR OWN self – your self empowerment. Allowing your own guidance to come forwards. Knowledge and understanding of self is a big thing.
There is nothing wrong with this. Indeed its the natural step once you really start to understand or at least embrace what makes you tick. So keep going.
People may try and talk you down, say things about you etc but that is a reflection of them. Step back and let them find their own path – you keep travelling down yours. In time who knows your paths may once again cross.

Fri 27th – Sun 29th : The Elder – Guidance

I love this card as it’s a contradiction in energies. At once stern and comforting.
For some you have guidance coming – and it may be from an elder. Try not to dismiss it as they can be golden. Remember those that have been on their path a tad longer than you do have guidance and counsel to share. As do you…….
And those that are for you to learn/hear won’t be forced.
It will flow. A mutual give and take. Mutual respect for experience and perspective.
This whole week is all about flow – nothing forced, pushed or coerced. Each card shows a gift – be it light, knowledge, or guidance.
What you choose to do with them is up to you.
This may also be a nod for some others towards learning and studying. You have guides/teams etc who will support you – but you have to ask first.
Those niggles you get are a form of communication. So if you stray off your path you may get a ticking off (thats what my lot do) so listen to what comes up.
You may be the elder for someone else – I’ll let that one sink in


Start of the week – for those seeking clarity it may well be filtering through. Possibly a solution thats been starting you in the face for a while – but you had shut it off. Sense check your energetic boundaries and if it feels right take them down and build new ones in line with who you are now – not when you first constructed them. Choose your words wisely to ensure nothing gets blocked that will stunt your growth.
Mid week – time to ensure you are truly on your path and haven’t veered off. Step into your own shoes and energy and take the driving seat back. This knowledge and self awareness are key.
End of the week – guidance is coming and it may be from an unexpected source. Be open to listening without judgement. If it resonates allow it, if it doesn’t then let it float on past. Mutual respect for the differences we have will go a long way.

Decks used:

Oracle of Shadows and Light
The Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Oracle of the DragonFae
all by Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies