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Oracle card reading 24th Feb – 1st March 2020

photo of 3 cards drawn for the oracle card reading 24th February to 1st March 2020

Mon 24th – Tue 25th : DragonFae of Rebirth

Perfect timing as we are still in the window of the current New Moon energies. Which for me is all about the rebirth cycle – the start of the new. This is what you may be working towards.

Of finding balance once more. Especially if things have been a bit haywire recently. Now the timing is NOT lost on me that this week (while I write this) I have been running a workshop for Energy Clearing.

With it comes energy, ancestral, inherited, Collective (and more) entanglement. And doing what is needed to tease the strands apart. To find what IS yours and dissolving out the rest that no longer serve a purpose.

This work isn’t always fun or easy but it IS worth it. And we do need support at certain stages. Ask for it and it will be there in some form. It may be a group of people, a single person or some other form.

It’s deep work and may expose shadow or layers you didn’t know were there. Go with it but don’t fall into it. Some pieces may make no sense or you can’t quite see it. In truth perhaps you are not MEANT to see it but simply to release it…..so do that.

You will find a sense of balance but not as it was before for things have changed. Allow the integration and feel the new alignment afterwards.

Change is the only constant in life.

Wed 26th – Thur 27th : Ornithamancy

Now this is something I pay attention to in my own work so happy to explain a bit more.

The secondary meaning for this card is Omen but I’m stepping past that as it feels a fear mongery. What this card is form me is paying attention to the birds. And the lessons they bring.

If you are somewhere that should be filed with birds and it isn’t – pay attention. Something is off and you may want to spend a little more time looking at the details.

Birds are messengers in their own right and paying heed can give you pointers you may miss otherwise. For many a Robin can be a loved one who has passed over. For me Magpies are a minder to dig a bit deeper past the shiny surface. Owls can be markers of wisdom. Birds of prey remind us to look at the bigger picture.

I could go on but won’t.

Pay attention to the birds and natural world around you and ask what you are being shown. It may be something complex or it may be as simple as being in nature.

Fri 28th – Sun 1st : Resolution

And a blast of colour to complete the week. But it’s slightly out of kilter when you look at the image. Fractured and out of flow.

But is it really?
Or are you missing a piece or two that makes it appear that something isn’t quite right?

For some of you it may be a time where you are given some missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle – giving you an “AHHA!!” moment of clarity. You can suddenly see more of the bigger picture. And things start to make more sense than they did before.

It may even be something energetically shifts and everything starts to flow once more. It may not even be something at a conscious level – but it shifts none the less.

Whatever it is things may feel a bit easier by the end of the week. What has been running against a brick wall for some time suddenly turns into a gently flowing stream …..

But don’t try and force it. Let it go at its own pace.


Start of the week – for some it may be you find yourself in the middle of clearing your energy. Not always fun but needed. With it can come a stirring up of ancestral energies which may not make sense. They may not have to. Just let them go. Once it’s moved on you can find a new point of balance.

Mid week – pay attention to nature. Birds in particular. What messages/lessons are they sending you way. Go with your gut instinct on this one.

End of the week – some pieces are being placed and you may suddenly get a clearer picture of what is going on. Let it play out at it’s own speed – trying to chivvy it along may backfire.

Decks used :

Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish


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