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Oracle card reading 26th Oct – 1st Nov 2020

photo of the three cards drawn for the weekly reading 26th October to 1st November 2020

Mon 26th – Tue 27th : A loyal Guardian – protector

Starting the week with a reminder to watch your energy. And to protect it.
If you’re not sure how or are drained and have nothing left to give then it’s time to ask for help.
Your Higher Self, team, guardians and whatnot ARE there but you have to ask for their intervention to help you. So make sure and ask. Don’t view it as a weakness view at a strength of knowing when to ask for help, support, guidance – this is all growth.
For some others this help may come through as a person with either a solution to something or an alternative viewpoint that will give you an “ah ha!” moment. if you have been feeling off kilter, threatened or on edge your gut is telling you something.
Whatever or whomever is raising this feeling may not be in your best interests to be around right now. And this includes energies.
So if something is presenting itself to you as benevolent, helpful and kind but you’re JUST NOT FEELING IT – disengage immediately and get those boundaries sorted.
Anything attempting to attach, trip or muck about with your energy will get a very clear back off signal. Even those that are ancestral bullshit (see my post from last week) just because it’s “there ” doesn’t mean you have to accept it.
If it helps to see your boundaries as a guard dog then do it – and ask you hear it barking when something is amiss, and know it may attack whatever gets too close for comfort ……..just an idea.
and for the final flourish some of you may move into guardian/protector role – for someone being picked on , bullied, or having their voice squashed. Before you step in ensure YOUR energies and boundaries are as they should be – look before you leap in all guns blazing.

Wed 28th – Thur 29th : Foresight

Following swiftly on is a nod back to the look before you leap comment I just made. Foresight is very very very important right now – has been all year in fairness.
So before jumping into ANYTHING tale a moment to think it through, to feel into it. To get a better understanding in case your perception is off, blocked or blinkered in some way. Pulling your head out of your arse is always a good start. Read the small print and ask for your gut feel first.
The card is showing tea leaves which was and still is a powerful divination tool – of seeing the bigger picture and gaining insight of something that may have been eluding you.
Watch for patterns or repeating cycles.
Again I say be careful with ancestral or bloodline work – not all is bright and shiny – some is downright nasty and not something to invited back in. If working with a facilitator on this make sure they know what they are doing and don’t make things worse by being out of their depth.

Fri 30th – Sun 1st Nov : Counsel of crystals

And for the end of the week we link back in with Mama Gaia.
This card is nudging us towards connecting with the crystal realm – either direct or etherically.
For those who are drawn to or already work wit crystals keep going. See which is calling to you – you may see a pattern forming. Or a group of crystals that suddenly ask you to work with them together.
I as you know work with them – a lot. And they are a deeply entrenched part of my day to day life. But they weren’t always. It was a gradual shift and many years ago I would have scoffed at the idea.
So if these are new to you and you fear ridicule you need to step past that. To shake off convention and follow the path that presents itself to you – not to someone else.
You do not have to fit in simply for the sake of it.
Be brave and do what feels right to you.
If none of the above resonates there is another thread showing itself as I type . And that is to connect with nature. To feel into the shift in seasons. To get outside and just be in nature. Connecting back to the land, sea and sky.
Feed the birds and animals in your local area, sit next to a tree, go walk on the beach front, of find your local woods. Whatever resonates then do that as they are speaking to you even if you do’t realise it.


Start of the week – time to protect your energy, time and health. Ensure your boundaries are intact and being honoured. If you feel under attack, threatened or unsafe in any way then step the hell back. If you need help then ask. And for others you may pick up the protector role for someone/thing but only do so if you are in a good energy first.

Mid-week – foresight is the way. Before you leap into anything feet first take a moment to sense check. Make sure your understanding of the situation is correct before you jump in – as you may have apoloiges to make afterwards if you don’t. If doing ANY form of ancestral of bloodline work make sure and sense check the crap out of anything coming forwards – not all of it is something you want to connect to. Be very very very sure first.
End of the week – connect back to nature. For some this will be through the crystal realm , for others it will be in physical nature. This is all about reconnection, rest and regeneration.

Decks used:

Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish
Diviniation of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies