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Oracle card reading 28th June – 4th July 2021

Oracle card reading 28th June – 4th July 2021

cards pulled for 28th June to 4th July 2021

Mon 28th – Tue 29th : Snow White and her Animal Friends
Interesting cards this week as for me this is all about integrity.
Being yourself, walking your talk and not simply paying lip service to things.
Just being truly authentic and showing up each day is huge. Particularly with complex and challenging energies wanting you to react in a specific way, sit in fear or remain stagnant.
So keep doing your thing, your way.
You may not even realise it but just by being yourself you may be inspiring others to do the same thing. As in being themselves not copying you. That’s a different discussion for another day.
When you drop any pretence, masks or scripts people can tell. You can feel it. The truth of it all is at the surface and what you see is what you get. As honestly anything else can be utterly exhausting.
It may be your reputation preceding you in some way. Whatever it is carry on.
If you have people who watch what you do remember to look after them. But only where and when you can. Not overextending or depleting your energy, resources or more. Try not to trap yourself into service where it’s not needed.
Tune in to your discernment as often as required as it’s served you well thus far.

Wed 30th – Thur 1st : Follow your own good advice

And we step fully into discernment and walking your own damn talk.
Too many people, particularly in the spiritual field, talk a good talk. But then do the exact opposite.
Step up and be accountable. Practice what you preach! As I said in the first card integrity is key. Lead by example of what IS possible when you take responsibility for yourself.
Be authentic, truthful and transparent. So many people are starting to have the blinders removed and it can be confusing. Being upfront can be quite a relief for those who are spinning a tad. Finding that voice that has zero bs is rather refreshing.
But also listen to the advice you give others when it has been sought (unsolicited advice can do a runner). Most of the time it’s for you too.
Trust your gut and discernment. You know what is best for you, not others. They only see what they believe is best for you – and that can be very skewed or seen through a distorted lens.
With some potentially extra challenging energies building you may question a lot of what is going or around and to you. Absolutely question it. Does it feel comfortable or not? Is it something you actually wish to carry forwards or one you’d prefer to bin?
Do the work as it pops up.
And LISTEN to yourself.

Fri 2nd – Sun 4th : Dreaming your wisdom

Now this is a very interesting card as I’m holding space for some other work right now and this was pulled by someone within the space.
So taking extra note of this one.
Dreaming your wisdom. What does that even mean? For me this is accessing your inner knowledge while in a more relaxed state. Many people this will be in dream or sleep time, some in times of meditation or simple quiet.
If you have dream recall pay attention to any themes or direct messages. Even if they aren’t the most comfortable. They may have different translations and what seems abstract at the time of waking may make sense later.
If so guided have a notepad next to your bed to write them down as you awaken.
I for one do not have dream recall as I made an agreement with my team that any work done while sleeping was delegated to my Higher self. I need the sleep more than the story of what was done.
Whatever is important will be confirmed to me when the time is right.
If you have dreams of old ways and teachings run them through a filter first. Not all things that are ancient are relevant now. Or indeed useful. Again let your discernment lead the way on this.
If it feels right to connect you’l know. And if not you’ll get a form confirmation it’s not for you.
And a special caution from a trusted source of mine – do not eat or drink anything offered in dream state. You have no idea what you are actually agreeing to, or what contracts are being drawn up.

Extra oversight for the week : Follow the signs

extra card for the week

Fairly self explanatory but lets expand it out a touch.
If you are being given a series of confirmation, clues or sign posts you can follow them. If you wish – free will and all that .
I’m not talking rabbit holes. I’m referring to something a little more subtle.
If it feels right when you listen to your guide/guides then carry on.
But if it feels a bit off, or your guides suggest perhaps not the thing for you then step back.
This full week is about discernment, integrity and authenticity.
So while you can say yes to things, you also have the ability and right to say no.


Start of the week – be you, be authentic, do your work and walk your talk. Just doing this can inspire others to what is possible when you are responsible for your feelings, beliefs , energy and more.
Mid week – listen to the advice you given others when asked. Could it be it’s also for you?
End of the week – our truth and knowledge can pop up when we are in a deep relaxed space or even sleep. Take note of what comes up before acting on it.
Extra for the week – you can follow the series of signs if it feels right when you tune in. If it feels not quite right, or not for you it possibly isn’t time. Or it’s not for you. Trust your gut this week and listen to your own inner knowing. You have the ability to say yes but also to say no.

Decks used:

Oracle of the ShapeShifters
Alice the Wonderland oracle
Oracle of the DragonFae
Foxfire the Kitsune oracle
All by Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies