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Oracle card reading 29th Nov – 5th Dec ’21

cards pulled for the weekly reading 29th November to 5th December 2021
a heads-up that some of this may read a bit blunter than usual. Go with it if you can and take what resonates. My team are a bit spicy today ……

Mon 29th – Tue 30th Nov : Orca magic

Now this is an interesting card as I popped it back into the deck and it popped right back out again.
The secondary meaning on the cards refers to the Akashic libraries – if this is work you do or familiar with I’ll leave that with you. I’m not going to go into this one as not my area of expertise 🙂
The reference to the orcas is a link to the earth, her work and day to day running. Take some time to acknowledge the planet you live on as without her you wouldn’t be here.
But also remember she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing and has been around far longer than us. And will outlive us. So while it can be tempting to panic and say she’s in decline, or at risk etc ask yourself this.


Is she?
Or is she sorting things out at a level we can’t quite comprehend and we’ve forgotten who runs the show?
That’s one to sit with folks and mull over. See what my words bring up for you and if triggered by them ask yourself why.
It may not be for the reasons you first think. Always look beneath the surface of things. And for reference as not many here are aware of this I have an Environmental Sciences back ground so I do very much care.
The other thing coming through is for you – despite the weather – to get outside and connect. Sitting on your backside with technology in your home is one thing. Getting outside breathing the air and SEEING nature is another. And it is a great leveller.
Be near water if you can for this as it’s a great cleanser. Salt water even more so with the link to the orcas in the card. Get out and smell the seaweed! Be reminded of the power of the planet.
For some others this may be a nudge towards galactic energies and directions. Again will leave you with this.

Wed 1st – Tue 2nd : Set your course

Or as I’m seeing this card – set your intentions.
This card pops up for the two days preceding new moon and the total lunar eclipse on the 4th. It’s the perfect energy and moment to look at where you are going, what you want in your life and letting go of what serves no purpose.
If journalling or story boarding is something that resonates what is the trend or theme that keeps coming up for you? Have you looked at it? Is it something you can tackle head on? Is it something that you would prefer did not follow you into 2022?
Like I said perfect window of time to sort through all of this and more. Have a clear path in your minds eye and follow it. Especially as we head towards Winter/Summer solstice.
Setting intentions is a good practice to have. But a word of advice. Keep them simple and straight to the point. The more direct they are the less likely they can be misunderstood.
To those who are shouting that they have no idea what they are here to do or which direction to go you are far from alone. As I said recently focus in a different way. Look at what you DON’T want to do , follow or head towards. The more you strip out the distractions and diversions the more opportunity there is for the clarity to come forwards.
And failing that you can always change your mind if what you started isn’t going quite where you had hoped or anticipated.
Or you can light a candle or two and ask for the right help and right guidance to come forwards in a from you can recognise. Take action and claim responsibility for yourself.

Fri 3rd – Sun 5th : Be light of heart

Or as my team shouted “lighten up!”.
This is about maintaining a sense of humour, a lightness of being and not taking yourself overly seriously.
A lot of people right now are very unhappy, under immense strain and finding it hard to find any light around situations. Embrace the inner Brit and find a sense of the ridiculous – twisted or otherwise to keep you sane.
The ability to laugh at yourself, the situations and more takes a lot of the sting and power out of things.
And I don’t mean mocking others – thats a path you don’t wan’t to be going down right now. As it’ll rebound on you with some force later. You have been warned.
I mean the ability to take the pi$$ out of yourself, to help others find their laughter and smile again. Even when things feel a bit hopeless or overwhelming.
This is a card about optimism and helping others see it in you first and then in themselves. That twinkle in your eye can be healing to those who have forgotten how to laugh.
Share the things you find funny – not mean or hurtful . Simply funny. Lighten your load and theirs by giving them something else to see, feel or hear.
If it feels right watch a film or series that always made you howl with laughter and simply enjoy it. For me it’s Fawlty Towers, Monty Python and Dead Pool.
This new moon/lunar eclipse combo on the 4th will be heavy for some and easy for others. So go with the flow. Cut yourself some slack and find what makes you laugh.
extra card for the week

Extra for the week : Shifting

A good reminder for the week that the energies are constantly shifting. As are ours. So what may feel right one day may feel odd the next.
Flow with it where you can.
Be aware that those around you are going through the same process and to be kind where you can.
Everything is a moving target and shifting goal posts this week. Observe if possible before acting.
Be open to new possibilities, flexible and willing to effect change where it is needed. Being stuck or inflexible may cause you to break in some way.
If shifting doesn’t resonate use the word “flow” for the week and it may make more sense.

Decks used:

Oracle of the ShapeShifters
Alice the Wonderland Oracle
Oracle of the DragonFae – all by Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Dragon Ascension Therapies