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Oracle card reading 2nd – 8th August 2021

photo of cards pulled for oracle reading 2nd to 8th August 2021

Mon 2nd – Tue 3rd: Knowledge

I love this card as for me this is all about inner knowledge or understanding of self.
The information, knowing, truth that comes to you direct. Not from another person or modality. But direct from the source. That we take a bit of time to sit with and integrate before we take it forwards. If at all.
For those who have been pondering some information/knowledge you may be given an opportunity (if you wish) to start to share it.
Only you will be able to decided IF it is to passed forwards or if it is to stay where it is right now. Speak direct to your gut on this one.
For example I have work and awareness of something that is not “safe” to share at the moment. We simply carry on with the work instead. And I have a sense it will never be shared.
But here are other tools and ways of working that we ARE passing on as it’s right to do so. I had to sit for some time to decide which was which.


Take your time with this. 

For some others you may be feeling “who the hell am I to teach this?”. And this is exactly part of the conversation we had a few days ago in an Arse Kick group call. It may be this conversation is for a wider audience. Mentioning it here if it resonates for you. Look up imposter syndrome to delve into this one if you so wish.
When you come from a place of authenticity, integrity and personal experience it floods out. You can feel it an at energetic level.
If when listening to someone it doesn’t sit right, leaves a funny taste in your mouth or sounds hollow. Then you may wish to take a step back and re-assess.
When in doubt take some time to speak direct to your body and ask what you can do to keep things running as they should.

Wed 4th – Thur 5th : Renewal

Beautiful card this as this full week is a mass build up of energies. And we’re been given a moment of time to spend with yourself. To rest, relax and rejuvenate.
Those who have been feeling over stretched, over tired or just a bit of a flat battery. This card is most certainly for you. And I pop myself in this one by the way.
Pause, take a break. Remember to breathe.
Concentrate on the spiral pattern of the card. Remembering that life is not really a straight line. It’s spiral and at times we are at the top and others we are at the bottom.
It moves at it’s own pace. Learn to flow with it rather than against it.

For some it is a time to concentrate and see the positive around you. To have gratitude (where you can , it’s not always easy/possible) for all around you. To allow the wounds to be seen and for the healing to begin.
Take this time to go inwards for a short while and to heal, sleep, eat, move – whatever your soul needs right now.
I can see this linking in with the sacral and solar plexus for those looking for a starting point.
It may be we are being given this small moment of respite to allow what is ready to move on/clear to do just that. Before we move fully into Lions Gate.
Do what feels right for you – at a pace that is right or you.

Fri 6th – Sun 8th : The grid

This is always such an explosion of light. colour and form. And this falls on Lions Gate at it’s peak on the 8th.
You may have been feeling the energies build over the past few weeks to this culmination point.
For me it’s an important one as it’s all about creativity, abundance and flow. And the card is about the connection to all. Of understanding there are links and pathways to all dimensions, timelines and more.
Your ability to navigate through them may feel more “alive” at this time.
Work with the energies.
Work with your Higher self/team/guides if it feels right for you.
Concentrate on the card itself as it has hidden patterns, shapes and forms that will reveal themselves to you. When you take the time to look.
For some this portal can be challenging – and I completely understand. It’s a lot of fire energy to be exposed to and work with. For some it’s not a comfortable energy to be around.
And if that is the case for those around you cut them some slack. Let them be. Give them the space to deal and integrate in the way that is right for THEM not you.
Learn and embrace compassion.

Extra for the week – Open your heart

extra card for the week

Quite a powerful card and statement to open your heart.
You may feel /believe it already is nut ask the question “is a part of my heart closed?”.
Listen to what comes up and respect the answer.
For many this will be a bit of a challenge – at a personal level I struggle with this part of myself. And it’s what I’m here to experience this time round.
Be patient, be kind, be compassionate – to others and to yourself.
Let the heart centre expand out at a speed that’s comfortable. Speak from your heart and be guided by it.
You can feel when it does.

Summary :

Start of the week – knowledge/information that comes to you direct. Sit with it, feel into it. You will understand if for you alone or to be shared when the time is right. Trust your discernment around anything you wish to share. To sense check the timing, depth and scope. For some others sit with your physical self and re-connect at a deeper level and ask what your body has been trying to show you.
Mid week – slow down, rest, relax, re-charge. Rather than running at 1 million miles an hour, try slowing down instead. Give your body and soul a break. You’ll thank yourself later.
End of the week – we are connected to all things and some of you may be starting to FEEL the connection at a deeper level. This falls on Lions Gate so it’s a pretty potent blend of energies. If it feels comfortable then great. If it feels uncomfortable let what needs to surface do so – then work with it.
Extra for the week – keep your heart open.

Decks used:

Return of Spirit,
Path of the Soul,
Divine guidance – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies