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Oracle card reading 30th August – 5th Sept 2021

the three cards drawn for 30th August to 5th September

Mon 30th – Tue 31st : Change is natural

Ok the change we are looking at here is change YOU have made. In clearing out the old, the outdated, the no longer needed you made space for the new.
This is the new coming in or being integrated.
Do your best not to slam on the breaks and stop the process. It’s what you have been working towards, don’t forget that important bit.
Yes change can be painful, complicated or hard. But it’s a constant in life. Without change things would stagnate.
I hate to say it but for some it will be a case of suck it up buttercup. Tough love but needed, harsh as it may sound or feel.
And for those who haven’t made the change(s) you KNOW is/are needed. You may be in line to get a grand old kick in the arse for you to see it very, very clearly. If you do, pay attention. You may not get this reminder again.
Some others will see this for the positive change that it is. If it creates more work, so be it, you’ll sort it.
And for some others you will see it as a transition period. As one thing end another starts in it’s place. That old phoenix cycle and energy making it’s presence known.
You may have to step outside your comfort zone. But it’ll pass quickly. As will any fears or anxiety that kick up.
You may have new ideas, thoughts, challenges or people popping up. And without the changes you made there wouldn’t be room for them.
Keep going.

Mon 1st – Tue 2nd : Worthy

I know for some the word of the card alone will be a challenge and may trigger some specific emotions. So lets break it down.
It really is time to understand your own worth. Not compared to some made up checklist but at a gut level.
Can you see your own worth/value?
What you bring to the table?
The talents and gifts you have that you share?
Not working or can’t see it?
Let’s try another angle (laughing as I type as the word kept changing to angel). If you met someone exactly like you in all ways would you see their worth. Could you see their value, their light and their gifts?
Of course you could.
Shine that compassion inwards. See this in YOURSELF.
A shift in perspective can give you a whole new view of things that may be just out of vision.
Another thread to this card is to have compassion for others. We are all doing the best we can at any given second. And unless you are in the exact same position with all the exact same parameters you have absolutely no idea what they are going through. And vice versa.
Everyone has worth and purpose.
It’s time we see it fully.

Fri 3rd – Sun 5th : Clarity

A curious card as on the surface you may be anticipating a time of connecting with nature and being outdoors.
And while yes that is 100% always a brilliant idea which I highly encourage. It’s not what’s coming up.
This is a time to look inwards. To question the path you find yourself on and if it’s right for you or not.
Not what others say is right for you, they can only say what is right for them. (see my comments for the middle of the week) But to truly listen to your own inner guidance.
To trust that gut and discernment of yours and ask the big questions.
Where others appear to have a vested interest in your actions, words or more – ask is this right for you or not. If not then a gentle detach may be in order. Or drawing up of fresh boundaries.
Take some time to be independent and free from others for a while. How does it sit with you? Is it a comfortable feeling or even a sense of relief to have some space?
This is the clarity the card speaks of. That sense of knowing and feeling what is right for you and what is not. And following your own guidance.
This can allow you to slowly unfurl like a fern in the sunlight.
extra card for the week

Extra for the week : Frequency Shift

Now this card will mean different things to different people.
For some it may be a heads-up that you’re about to go through a shift. And all the preparatory work leading up to this will suddenly make sense. Clearing the way for what is about to come in or change in a bigger way.
For some others this may help to explain some of things you have been sensing or feeling in recent days. Especially if things feel like they have been slowing or shutting down.
It’s just the transition period we spoke of earlier.
It’s going to happen so allow it as smoothly as you can.
Things will start back up again.
If you need a break from your self work, social media, electronic devices, people – or whatever you feel overwhelmed by. Then take a break.
Chat to your body, come back into the present. Do what feels the best thing for you right now.
When the energy shifts again you can go back to what you temporarily stepped away from.
And for a hand full of others this is a reminder that you’ve come out the other side of a recent shift.
Take time to let it integrate before trying to run at a million miles an hour again. Take it from one who has over done it themselves. It’s not a fun thing to do.


Start of the week – change is the one constant in life. Allow it to be. The space you’ve made with your self work, or physical surroundings make space for the new. Honour what presents itself. Allow the nerves or anxiety to settle and see the change for the positive step it is. For a few others it’s kick in the arse time. To get a final confirmation of what you KNOW needs to change. Get to it.
Mid week – time to see your worth and your value. Not always an easy thing to do and many will shy away from this. Treat yourself gently and realise if you met someone exactly like yourself you would see their worth immediately. Swing that round and accept you have value. Compassion folks, its very much needed.
End of the week – time to go inwards for a bit and ask if the path you are on is still the right one for you. Only you can answer that one. Take some time to yourself if needed.
Extra heads-up for the week – you may be completing, starting or going through a shift. This can slow things down almost to a standstill. Know it will start up again when the energy is right. You’ll feel it. If in doubt have a conversation or two with your body and listen to what it has to share with you.

Decks used:

Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Dragon Fae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies