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Oracle card reading 4th – 10th May 2020

photo of the oracle cards pulled for the reading 4th to 10th May 2020


Now I’m going to give you a bit of a trigger warning on this one – I pulled one card 3 times so have given up and included it. Please use your discernment when reading this one. Yes it is a bit heavy but it’s for a reason.

Mon 4th – Tue 5th : Winged Seer – you see clearly, clairvoyance

Ok so we start the week (and you’ll spot a theme) of clarity and seeing more than what is presented to you. For some it may mean seeing beneath the masks and if you follow my weekly readings you will now this is a repeating theme and has been for months.

Of trusting your own gut and questioning pretty much everything right now. If you have been asking for answers, clarity or knowledge it may just be presented to you. But possibly in an unexpected form. So be open to knowledge in new ways – not simply the ones you are comfortable or familiar with.

Many of us are more open to receiving information right now.

for some others it may be that you suddenly know things, or sense how people are truly feeling and more. It may be that your clairvoyance is increasing or switching itself on.

Go with it if it feels ok to do so.

Wed 6th – Thur 7th

We two cards for mid week and they fall on full moon so added illumination

Law is not Justice – rules that are not fair

Now these cards were insistent so I’ve put them in. I will be reading them together as it’s simply how my team are translating them. And again a trigger warning that some of you may not feel comfortable with what you are about to read.

Ok first off we are in strange times right now. There are multiple timelines playing out at any given time, and more popping up each day. This can be very confusing, disorientating and frustrating. Added to this is that EVERYONE has a different perspective and translations.

A lot is surfacing on an almost hourly basis and it can throw your energy off in seconds. A lot of what is being seen is the falling apart of old systems that can no longer be sustained. And with that comes a lot of not so nice energies popping up trying to stay put.

Now we have freedom of speech and while I may not agree with certain people, their beliefs etc I do support their right to say it. Currently many social media and mainstream media outlets are censoring content. Which I in no way agree with. I have looked down that timeline and it’s not good. Trust me when I say the energies around this have been here before and it’s extremely uncomfortable when you click as to exactly what.

Labelling something as a conspiracy theory is part of what is falling down. Just because it isn’t real to you does not mean it is not real to someone else., nor does it mean it’s not true. You simply haven’t been given the information or experience that other person has had. So be careful how you judge – as we are all doing it to some level. Is this really the energy you want to be manifesting?

I could say a lot about the emergency laws that have been passed globally but won’t – do your own due diligence in which ever country you live and ask yourself do they feel right, do they feel fair or is something a bit fishy.

Follow the White Rabbit – curiosity meets opportunity

When you sit with this you may be prompted to follow the rabbit hole – to follow the trail of information or mis-information – whatever. This is all about educating yourself, questioning the narrative and listening to your own gut.

As someone who was given permission to follow a whole load of rabbit holes (or timelines) I will say you have to do this from a space of observation. If doing this and getting angry etc you’re feeding it and manifesting it into being. Stop, recenter and ask if you really want to continue.

Attach a bungee cord on the way down so you can be pulled back if you start to take too much on.

It can be a fascinating exercise but it can also mess with your head.

Follow it as far as it feels right to do so and then when it no longer resonates move back.

Like I said with this falling on full moon it adds an extra dimension of illumination into shadow. It’s not all doom and gloom though – solutions can come from these spaces and in some cases the strength and courage to speak out for others.

USE YOUR DISCERNMENT MID WEEK and be cautious/very aware of what you say and where you say it. Try not to dismiss others beliefs and views as that is a form of silencing and attacking their voice. Agree to disagree and move on. Try your best not to fall into the divide and conquer energies right now.

Fri 8th – Sun 10th : Little Owlyn – wisdom as light as a feather

Ok so a lighter note thank goodness for the end of the week. Still with the full moon energies so it may be a touch rocky – it may not.

This card falls on my annual solar return so I understand as to why the reading may feel a bit heavy – it’s another opportunity to release stagnant or stuck energies, to make space for the new and being OPEN to change.

You may find that what you have been working on this week suddenly and simply comes forwards. Or that you have a calm way of communicating what you have found/discovered/believe. You don’t always have to go in all guns blazing to be seen, heard or acknowledged.

If you need/want to put a bit of power behind it – so be it.
We are all different.
That’s kind of the point.


Start of the week – time to start seeing what’s actually going on around you rather than the script playing out. For some others it may be your clairvoyance turning on or amping up.

Mid week – this has the potential to be a heavy going few days. Use your discernment and if you feel it’s time to question something then do it from a space of observation. Place a safety net under you in case it gets a bit too much. Be aware of what you say and to whom – if triggered do your best to think before you react. It will be very easy to fall into judgement so stay true to yourself.

End of the week – a time for reflection of what the rest of the week has brought to you. It may even be what you were looking for presents itself direct in an unexpectedly gentle way. When passing something on/say – calm and steady will be received the best.

Decks used:

Oracle of Shadows & Light
Alice in Wonderland oracle
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
All by Lucy Cavendish

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