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Oracle card reading 4th – 10th Nov 2019

photo of 3 cards used for the oracle reading 4th to 10th November 2019
Oracle card reading 4th -10th Nov 2019

Mon 4th – Tue 5th : Crystal Ball

Time to be blunt – many times we already have the answers but are blinkered to seeing or hearing them because they come from us. We look for external people and wisdom to guide us. As we can’t possibly have the wisdom or experience ourselves……….sound familiar?

Ok those who have been asking for guidance or clarity on a situation or path – have you been asking the right person? Or have you , just maybe, been asking those around you for answers??

The crystal ball is a marker to LOOK WITHIN – so I hate to say it folks you are going to have to look at your shadow, look at your own energy, feel into what comes up.

It may not sit comfortably but change seldom does. Allow what comes up to be seen and acknowledged. Do the needful to either integrate it or release it.
You can get guidance to help steer you in the right direction but honestly they can’t do it for you. It’s like sticking a plaster over a broken bone – it’ll help for a very short time but the underlying issue is bigger and needs more attention and time. To give it just that.

If you can’t quite translate what’s coming up ask for clarification or to be shown in another way that makes more sense to you. It will come through.

Wed 6th – Thur 7th : Surfacing

And the pay off for the hard work. The new coming to the surface.
For some it may be the period of integration is ending and you can step forwards once more. To come of out hiding so to speak. Your energy is now integrated enough to carry forwards.

For some others you may feel a nudge into new ideas, new thought, new pathways – they were always there but you are now in a place they start to make a form of sense.

See the pattern on the card as the many different opportunities heading your way. There are so many to choose from. This is true abundance at work.

Allow the different aspects of self space to be seen and heard – and then you can flow with what feels right to you at this time.

Fri 8th – Sun 10th : Queen Oonagh

ANother positive marker this one. Queen Oonagh is heralding in a potential stunning solution to something you did not see coming.

This may be linked in with the self work you are/have embarked on beginning to pay off in some way.

For those situations you’ve been banging your head off a brick wall – you may be shown a glimmer of light. Which is all that is needed to view from a different perspective . A solution possibly stemming from that point. Or have you been putting everyone elses needs before your own in this situation? Rediscover your voice and you may find by speaking up it will start to resolve.

See the bright yellow on the throat and third eye in the card? This to me shows expansion , of opening up and blossoming in your own energy system. Of finding what is stagnant and moving it on to welcome in the new in it’s place.

Protect your energy through this process as you may have someone attempting to silence you or shut you down to fit their own purposes. Keep a cool head and you’ll find a way round it.


Start of the week – time to go within and ask the bigger questions in an of yourself. You do have inner wisdom even if you laugh it off. Speak to your own inner/higher self and you may be surprised what comes up. Do the work – don’t try and delegate it to someone else . It’ll only come back with reinforcements later.

Mid week – Let the new ideas, directions, energies bubble up and see where they lead you. This is your true self sitting that bit closer to the surface as well – how does it feel?

End of the week – the solution you’ve been searching for is within grasp. But ask yourself are you neglecting yourself for the sake of others? Are you muting your feelings and voice for others? Try something else – speak up (no need to shout at this stage) and let your voice, ideas etc be heard. You may have had the solution at your fingers tips the entire time……but got steamrollered

Decks used:

  • Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
  • Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
  • Oracle of the Dragon Fae – Lucy Cavendish

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