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Oracle card reading 5th – 11th July 2011

photo of here cards drawn for 5th to 11th July 2021

Mon 5th – Tue 6th : Footprints

And we start the week with a bit of introspection. For me this is all about legacy, of the mark we leave on the world. Like footprints in sand – over time they are eroded away by the water. But the memory of them lives on.
This may be a two fold thing.
Looking at what you are doing in your life, your work, your energy and asking is this what I wish to be remembered for. Are you living your own authentic life? I don’t mean are your right about everything – as honestly who is. But are you being true to yourself.
Are you leading or showing others by example how they can be authentic in their life? Or are you beating your head against a brick wall and carrying on with what makes you miserable? Tolerating something which makes you wear a persona…..that really isn’t you.
What can you change, or look at that will alter where you are right now?
Go deep and ask the question. You will be guided.

Second strand

The other strand I can see with this one is ancestral. Something my online retreat people will be very familiar with right now *wry smile*.
Are you following a pattern because it is “expected” or it’s a way/thing thats been handed down over time? Have you ever questioned if it’s actually the RIGHT thing for you? If not, perhaps now would be a good opportunity.
And while it can be a beautiful thing to pay respects to those who came before you – lets not forget that some of them may not have had the best of intentions. Perhaps set a boundary when connecting in. That you will connect with those who wish their line to do well, thrive and grow. Those wishing anything else – eh, no thanks.
I won’t go into the guts of this as it’s very different for every person. And everyone views this topic differently. But you can make your own life in the way that works for you. Not as it has been dictated down a line by those who are long since gone….something to think on if nothing else.
If stuck try this on for size.
The phrase “it run’s in the family”.
Have at it.

Wed 7th – Thur 8th : Assistance

This is a good card as it reminds us of something quite important. When you need a bit of help or support are you actually ASKING for it to come forwards? Or have you forgotten this step completely?
Sometimes people/energies will not intervene without explicit invitation or consent. If you don’t ask or reach out you’ll get naff all help.
It is there – ask.
And when you do ask try and not block it when it comes in. For example getting some advice that will help but you don’t want to hear. Block that and the help may not come forwards again. My own team give me tough love – so it can be handed over in that way.
Be open to it.
Help or assistance can be in so many different forms. And at times it’s only with the filter of hindsight we see it for what it was. Something going wrong, a change in circumstances, things not going to plan – are actually EXACTLY the help that was needed.
Do your best not to fall into a woe is me pattern and instead flip things on their head. Try an alternative perspective. Is something now making sense that wasn’t before?
And for some others this may be a reminder or marker that you are about to become a line of assistance to someone else.
If you can hep someone without a drain to your energy or resources then do the needful. If you can’t you will be able to support in another way that doesn’t drain.

Fri 9th – Sun 11th : Dragon Guide

Always pay attention when this energy pops up. As you are being shown something important.
When we take responsibility for ourselves, look to our own energy system, belief system and more. We begin the move into self empowerment. And our own autonomy.
You start to see the truth rather than the story.
This is an energy (I know well obvs) that is front and centre in this progression. They help you find and use your voice, speak your truth, re-discover your spine and walk your damn talk.
Work with this energy, not against it.
If you have something you need to say trust me you’ll find the right vehicle to do so. Fear falls away when you take responsibility for yourself seriously. Paying lip service will backfire.
Be strong, they’ve got your back.
If you need to stand up for yourself , even if your voice wobbles for a tiny bit, you will be heard. You may even find new ways of doing so.
There may be those who questions, doubt and more. But the easiest thing to do? Let them. Then prove them wrong.
I say it like I see it.

Extra for the week – Shine bright like a candle

extra card for the week

If you find things are getting a bit too much. Or you feel like you’ve stepped into an alternate universe where nothing makes any sense.
Take a breath.
Know that your inner light shines bright. Even when you can’t see it.
It hasn’t gone out.
You’re a little tired, a bit drained, and possibly a touch overwhelmed.
Do what you need to find that sense of balance and self once more. Turn off the devices, stop reading the news, take a break away from any toxicity in your life that you can.
Get outside, read a book, watch a movie, plant up your garden, visit the seaside, hug a tree, feed the birds. Whatever connects you back in, do that.
Your light will be visible to you again. You’re just weathering things for a short while.


Start of the week – look at the mark you are leaving with your work, your energy etc. Are you happy with what you can see? Do you need to change something to be more authentic? For some others this may be a few questions around ancestry – links, ties, history and more. If connecting in at an energetic level place a boundary first. Not all our ancestors are folks we’d want in our life. Be discerning!
Mid week – if you need help or support – remember to ask. It may not come in unless you do so. And when you do be open to it perhaps being in an unexpected form. For some others you may be that support for someone else. If you are in a place where it will not drain your energy or resources then go ahead. Otherwise stop and assess before jumping in.
End of the week – if the dragons are about then it may be time to step up and walk your talk. Find and use your voice and be the strong independent person you actually are. If you need to use that power and energy to help others again be discerning first.
Extra for the week – if feeling a little frazzled or overwhelmed take a break/ Do something that allows your brain to slow down, and for your breath to calm. Overwhelm is a very real thing and it can drain you to a husk. Self care is critical.

Decks used:

Path of the soul
Return of the Soul
Divine Guidance – all by Cheryl Lee Harnish
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies