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Oracle card reading 5th – 11th Nov 2018

Oracle card reading 5th -11th Nov 2018

Mon 5th – Tue 6th : Light Body Guide

Ok as we’ve been saying for a while there are shifts and integrations all over the place right now and they can cause confusion with your physical self.

This is a gentle reminder that feeling ungrounded, confused, out of sorts, irritable, not quite yourself is simply part of your OWN integration. Yes things around you can be a contributing factor but your integration and the rate it goes at is yours alone.

In the card itself you’ll feel a calm regulated energy – all is well and is as it should be. Take this in.

The balance and cohesion will come back – give yourself time and space to allow all to settle once more.

Shifts and changes always have ripples outwards and inwards but they do settle back to the smooth surface once more. So cut yourself some slack!

Your energy/aura/light body or whatever you like to call it settles faster than the human body – this is what causes the temporary imbalance or wobble. It’s just your physical self catching up , shedding what’s to go and welcoming in what’s taking its place. Be open to it and let it happen at the speed it takes not what you want.

Wed 7th – Thur 8th : Palmistry ~ Interpretation

Interesting one this as for me it’s a nudge to remind you that everyone interprets things differently. How you see or translate signs, feelings etc will be different to the next person but more importantly it makes sense to YOU. A bit like these readings they make sense to me, but may not make sense to everyone – and that’s fine.

We resonate to different things , it’s what makes life interesting after all.

But it does have a slight shadow aspect in that we can be affected by how others actions, words etc look or feel in our eyes. It may not be how they were intended but that’s what we’ve picked up. This is the biggest fall down with social media – so many storms in a teacup happen as there is no face-to-face interaction and we can take things out of context in a heartbeat.

If you feel this start, stop for a moment. Ask yourself if you can read it in a different way, a different tone of voice. Does is make a difference to the context? I’ll bet 9 times out of 10 it does. We’ve all been there.

Try translating from a different or even neutral perspective – it may just change the energy of where you were about to jump.

Ultimately your responses are yours but you do have the ability to shift the focus first and then look at your response etc.

Fri 9th – Sun 11th : Freedom

Ah, now I like this.

This to me yells self empowerment. Of taking your power back, standing in it and being your own authentic self. Of breaking free from your own self imposed chains that have hindered you in the past. Of shedding expectations of others on you who are or will be in their eyes.

Only you can break the pattern and cycles you find yourself in.

No-one else.

Indeed this is a repeating message in these readings so possibly someone is needing to re-read this and get the message, or it’s serving as a reminder for those starting/continuing to shine through.

It can be a daunting task but take it from someone who nips fundamentally different in all aspects to the person she was say only 4 years ago , it CAN be done. It’s not always easy, let’s not sugar coat things, but it’s so worth the effort.

To be able to speak up, use and hear your own voice, dump what’s not you or you’ve fallen into a pattern with, dissolving the ties that served zero purpose, letting go of mindsets that simply weren’t you ….it’s all very liberating and empowering.

Live your life your way – people may have an opinion but it’s simply their translation (that word again) not your reality.

Summary (you may find these shifting about the full week ):

Start of the week: give yourself some time if you’ve been going through a shift. These things can make your foundations feel a bit wobbly but they will settle. Unclench and breathe.

Mid week : try seeing things from a different perspective rather than your default , it may just be the change you need to shake a few things up. We all have to translate and understand what we see, feel etc and at times we can misinterpret them. Learn, understand and move on. If the thought of speaking too someone always generates a certain response from you try it from a different angle – you may shock yourself.

End of the week : step into your own power, be who you are, and own it. Self empowerment is a positive, brilliant thing so feel the wobbles but go for it. I don’t mean being aggressive or in your face, I mean being comfortable with who you are and not naming it down anyone’s throat. You’ll find that balance once you set the intent to find it.

Decks used :

Divine Guidance – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Divination of the Ancients – Barbara Meiklejohn-Free