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Oracle card reading 7th – 13th Oct 2019

photo of 3 card spread for my reading week commencing 7th October 2019

Mon 7th – Tue 8th: Encoded

Ok this week is another kick up the backside in all honesty – so I’ll try and soften it a bit if I can.

Start of the week we are told once again to look deeper than surface level. There’s so much mistruth, misdirection and drama that at times we can miss the obvious sitting right in front of our noses.

You have the skill and the ability to sense past what is presented to you – you just have to ENGAGE it. So if something looks or feels better than expected take a moment and REALLy sense into it. Is it as bright and shiny as it seems or is it a bright and shiny wrapper round something very different.

When you look at the actual card you start to see hidden shapes and patterns emerge. Like the old magic eye pictures from way back when. Once you have the ability to shift your perspective you start to have more visibility.

Wed 9th – Thur 10th : Storm

We all have storms in our lives – but how we weather them is important.

for those having a storm right now this is just a nod to you and to remind you it will pass. You have the ability to ride it out – crappy though it may be. There is always sun after the storm – it takes a bit of time and faith but it does happen. You will come through this.

To those coming out of said storm – feels calmer doesn’t it? So what came up for you in that time that you feel you can mend, heal or let go? As I can bet something did. The whole thing about having the foundations shaken is that it shows you the weak spots.

To those neither in nor recovering from a storm – cut those around you a little slack. Or be a support if you can. You never know when it may be your turn.

Fri 11th – Sun 13th : Vibration

Another kick up the rear end that all is energy. All around you is energy. YOU are energy.

So what frequency are you emitting and vibrating to? Is it in alignment of can you see or hear an off-key note?

If yes time to do something about it.

The move you dig into your own energy the more quickly you can spot when something isn’t quite as it should be. And to take action – not to ignore it in the hopes it’ll settle. Oh no – we’re being asked to take action, do the work and show you can and do have the ability to keep moving forwards.

For some others this is a gentler reminder (well ish) to look after your energy – you are not a battery for anyone else. By all means we are here to help others but not at the expense of draining your resources – I am talking energy here but it can be expanded out if that resonates for you.

Boundaries are not a dirty word – it’s your energetic line if the sand of what you will accept and what you won’t. And you do not need to justify it to anyone else.

But a minder to respect your own boundaries – if you see fit to break them you send a message that everyone else can too.

Sense check what you have in place and if a bit of work is needed now is the ideal time.


Start of the week – look beneath the surface of what’s being presented to you. You may start to realise there’s more going on than at first meets the eye. And no it’s not all doom and gloom by the way – you may find the fab things below the surface that give you a spring in your step.

Mid week – a reminder we all have our storms in our life but we have the ability and strength to see them through. Do what you need to and you can weather it. Whatever comes up for your attention make sure and deal with it.

End of the week – does the term self care ring a bell? Have you been allowing others to take a bit too much of your energy? Well it may be time to address your boundaries and see where they are slipping – and then do something about it.

So yes a kick up the rear end but perhaps we’ve been needing it (raises hand)

Decks used:

Path or the Soul
Return of Spirit
both by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Dragon Ascension Therapies