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Oracle card reading 8th – 14th Feb 2021

photo of thh three cards pulled for 8th to 14th February 2021

Mon 8th – Tue 9th : Manage to be Glad

You could say the last 12 months or so have been an exercise in just this. Finding ways to be happy regardless of what is playing out around you.
And it could mean happiness in the smallest of details. Being outside, noting the changing seasons, watching the birds. Having a cuppa in the sunshine, reading a book, working in the garden. Watching a film that makes you roar with laughter, having a random dog come up to say hello. And so much more.
While life has been complicated for many people – and let’s face we’ve all had moments where things haven’t been that rosy – it is still possible to find/make your happiness where you find it. You can build it for yourself.
To acknowledge that today/tomorrow is a struggle and yet still find a way to bring in a bit of light. Alice in the book is still able to find happiness despite being lost and alone.
You don’t have to wait for a fabled “I can be happy when” or “I can be happy if”. Or once this happens I can be happy. You can be happy now if you choose to be.


It may be appear at surface level that this is easier for some more than others but that’s not quite true. We all have our wobbles, off days and down turns. But we get back up. Some people paint on a brave face – so if you feel it you feel it. If you don’t then try not to fake it. Be honest.
Start with the smallest of things that make you happy or make you smile and build from there. Create a new memory bank to work with when things aren’t going so well.
And know you can smile. Despite it all.
Or have a sod it moment and smile or be happy regardless.
For some others you may be able to help those who need a bit of encouragement to come out of hibernation/hiding. Be kind. they are doing their best. A bit of compassion won’t kill you – but it may make the world of difference to them.

Wed 10th – Thur 11th (New moon) : Violet Flame

Oh interesting that this falls on a fairly potent new moon on the 11th.
I can see a impressionist trifecta in the card image and I’m also being shown the 3 stages : The maiden, the mother, the crone. A nod to phases, cycles and patterns.
I work with new moon energy and find it the best time (for me) to clear out what no longer serves, let go of what I may be clinging to and to set new intentions for what I wish to bring forwards.
The violet flame itself is a powerful tool/ally in this work. As it can help with the transmutation of one form to another and dissolution of energies.
I also see a reference to the third eye – which I always see as purple. Some may see it as blue. An opening, expansion or even deeper understanding of self and perception. A dawning of truth in someone/ something may be revealed to you.

For some others this may be a moment of shadow work or shadow self. There is nothing to fear in this. It’s simply an aspect of yourself you don’t fully understand as yet.
Acknowledge what comes up rather than hiding or running from it. Accept this is part of who you are at this point in time. If it feels uncomfortable sit with it. Ask yourself where the discomfort stems from. Then ask what you can do to either integrate, release or move on.
Sometimes giving a voice to what appears is all the work that is needed.
Other times it can take a bit more time, energy and work. But you will get a better understanding of who you are and who you will become.
Allow the violet flame to help guide you in this work – or even guide you to someone who can hep in the first instance if it becomes too much.
It will pass.

Fri 12th – Sun 14th : Self reliance

A card that we do see on a semi regular basis in these readings.
This is Artemis and she is reminding us that we can simplify and go back to basics. To pare back on the bells and whistles we surround ourselves with and find a form of simplicity.
Of being self reliant and being ok with that.
Not always an easy task or proposition and it may challenge a few.
But you CAN rely on yourself.
You CAN look after your basic needs.
You CAN be independent even if you have others who rely on you in some way.
Have a bit of faith in yourself and your abilities.
For some you may start to have more of an interest in growing your own food, gardening, small holding and more. Look into it and if it feels right for you it’ll come forwards. Or even having more interest where your food comes from / is sourced.
Allow your independence (in what ever ways it shows) to come up and be acknowledged. To truly understand you have the ability to take care of yourself.


Start of the week : find and create your own happiness where you find it. You don’t have to be told how or when to be happy. You choose. You can smile and laugh even when a storm rages around you. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it can be the smallest of things.
Mid week: allow the things that no longer serve the opportunity to come up, be seen and be released. Shadow work can sound daunting and at times yes it can be. But it’s very much worth doing. Be honest with yourself.
End of the week: you are an independent, self reliant being. You may need a little reminder of this. Find or rediscover what is important to you and what you can let go of. Time for some trust of your abilities.

Decks used:

Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Return of Spirit – Cheryl Lee Harnish
Oracle of the Shapeshifters – Lucy Cavendish

Extra card for the week:

If you have oracle/tarots decks of your own here’s my challenge to you.
Pull your own card for a heads-up for the full week.
Whichever deck resonates for you.
Asking simply if there is anything else to be aware of.
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