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Oracle card reading 8th – 14th March 2021

Mon 8th – Tue 9th : Hedgehog love

three cards drawn for 8th to 14th March 2021

On the surface this may look to be quite a depressed feeling card but it’s actually the exact opposite. This is about the people you have found (or are about to) that feel like your true family – for now.
Those who despite the physical or geographical distance have your back. Regardless of any personal differences you may have.
Of feeling safe with this group. Feeling supported. And feeling able to be yourself without any need for defences or shields. Where you can speak your mind or feelings without fear of judgement – but instead open healthy debate of those willing to see and hear a different perspective.
We’ve had an odd almost exact 12 months now where we have had to adapt to strange circumstances and it can make you feel VERY isolated. The people you have found through this are continuing to anchor you.
And you them.
Make sure and touch base from time to time, especially if it’s drifted just recently. A quick hello won’t do any harm. And may be the nudge they need to reach out if they’ve been a bit flat.
You may not be with these people all the time in the future – but the friendship made now will be built to last.
If you haven’t found them yet hang tight. They are on their way.
For those who work with colours/chakras – the green in this card shows me the heart and personal work.

Wed 10th – Thur 11th : Divine Support – OM

You can see the Aum or Om symbol over the top of the image on the card. This is about connection to Source, to Gaia, to your guides and to yourself.
Of re-establishing those bonds and strengthening them.
Aum or Om in Hinduism is the symbol of Divine Presence – which we all carry.
Being able to be centred, grounded and aligned is very important right now. As that balance can be what keeps you sane in choppy waters.
Ganesha is an energy that I connect with at a personal level and is a gentle but strong guiding hand. Particularly when things are a touch cloudy or clarity is hard to find. He is also fantastic to work with to plough through the blocks in the road. But don’t take him for granted – you still need to put in the work to make sure those blocks don’t simply go right back to where they were.
Some of you may find sound tools or using your voice very helpful mid week. Indeed this is something that has been cropping up for some clients this week – and myself today before I drew the cards.
If you are drawn to chanting Om or finding a piece of music with this then go ahead.
Find those moments of peace and serenity.
That connection to all that is.
Again those working with colour/chakras I can see a lot of purple (which for me is the 3rd eye) and orange (sacral). If these resonate these may be areas to concentrate on mid week.

Fri 12th – Sun 14th : Curiosity meets Opportunity

Ok time for some tough love first with this one.
I deliberately have not used the reference to the white rabbit as I have a feeling it may give a false sense of “ok down the rabbit hole!”
Um no.
Some of you might want to start getting out of the rabbit hole you’ve taken yourself down and are currently stuck in. If you went down without a safety net, harness or bungee cord imagine one into being and climb out. By the fingernails if you need to. Trust me I’ve been there and my team got me back out when it stopped resonating….that’s the trick. When it no longer feels right or true then it’s time to go.
Even the rabbit knows how to get back out – ask it for directions if you have to. Or follow it out.
This may be a case of curiosity over-ruling or steamrollering your discernment.
Back up we go , shake it off and sense into the here and now. Sense into yourself rather than any other voices, stories etc that have been saturating your life for a while.
Get a sense of where the land lies RIGHT NOW.
Once you have a sense of perspective again – take a breath. Pause. Reflect.
What did you learn?
Was it actually useful?
Is it something you can take forwards or it is something to be dissolved out?
Do the needful.


Once you are back in the present it may be that something utterly unexpected is coming your way. That may open new doors or opportunities that you simply cannot imagine and could be quite amazing!
And if your head was still stuck in the sand (or down a rabbit hole) it could oh so easily pass you by. Which would be a real shame.
Be present, be aware, be open to new possibilities.
Observe first. See patterns and repetition if that is what flags things for you.
If you simply must go down a another rabbit hole then bungee up first and take your discernment with you. …. or at least a map
extra card for 8th to 14th March 2021

Extra for the week : Nothing is impossible

An extra oversight for the week and it’s again a positive one.
To remember that nothing is impossible.
This is about staying true to you. To your beliefs, your energy and your path.
Some may be saying what you wish for or see cannot come to pass, cannot be done, is too hard, too difficult. And that is simply their perspective and not yours. They may be speaking from fear or fearful concern – and lets be brutally honest here fear has been running the show for quite a while.
You don’t need to batter through or force these people away. It can be done quietly and gently.
Instead look to yourself first. Deep into the core of who you are and what you feel is right for you.
Then walk your talk.
And keep doing it.


Start of the week : look to the people who feel like family. Those who support and allow you to be yourself. Be open and honest. They may not be with you forever but hey are here now. You all lift each other up, despite any differences you may have. If you haven’t spoken to a few in a while it might be time to check in – in case they need a bit of support from you.
Mid week : for some it may be a good time to work with sound. Be it with sound tools – tuning forks, singing bowls, musical instruments, pieces of music. It could even be your own voice. This is a time to re-connect with Source, Gaia and yourself. Sound is sometimes the quickest way to do this as it changes the vibration instantly. Look to birds and their song to get a deeper understanding.
End of the week : kick in the rear time folks. If you’ve been down a rabbit hole of two for while it’s time to head back up to the surface and take a break. Come back into the present and assess what you’ve seen etc. It can be very tempting to stay put – but it may cave in and bury you. Cutting you off from new experiences, opportunities and more. If you really must go back down then bungee cord up before you do.
Extra oversight : if you have people telling you that what you are working towards is too hard, too difficult etc then gently let their words wash past you. Be true to you. Know that nothing is impossible and it if doesn’t work in one form you will adapt and change with the flow. Walk your talk and stay true to yourself.

Decks used:

Oracle of the ShapeShifters – Lucy Cavendish
Whispers of Lord Ganesha – Angela Hartfield
Alice the Wonderland Oracle – Lucy Cavendish
Oracle of the DragonFae – Lucy Cavendish
Dragon Ascension Therapies