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Overwhelm – it gets us all at some stage

Overwhelm – it can strike at any given time, out of nowhere.

How do I know?

It’s happened to me just yesterday.

A combination of a long week, driving 16 hours in 2 days, picking up a large crystal collection, lack of sleep and to top it all off my hormones kicked in. All combined to push me into a feeling of slight panic/overwhelm.

This is something that can and does happen to those who decide to go it alone and become self employed.

Sometimes we can bite off a bit more than we can chew and it can be challenging stuff. This is the feeling of overwhelm – it takes over.

I’ll confess I was a bit wobbly yesterday and could have cried – but today is a fresh perspective, stopping piling pressure on myself and remembering I’m one person and can only do one thing at a time.

So while the sun is shining I’m not giving in to the panic to get stock photographed – instead I’m tidying up admin, sorting out invoices, ordering packaging material and processing what I brought back with me this weekend. I’ve taken the advice I would give to someone in my position ; to break it all down into smaller parts, prioritise them and do one at a time.

Bit by bit we beat the feeling of overwhelm

The sun will shine again at some stage and I can photograph then. No need to do it when tired as it will only make me more tired. If all else fails I have a light box i bought for this exact time of year – so I already have a Plan B in place, I just needed to remember that. The overwhelm hid it from me for a short while.

This is in line with the boundary card I drew for this week. And a reminder that adding pressure to yourself can overstep the boundaries you set in place for other people. respect your own boundaries. Yes a little pressure can be productive but too much pressure can push you to a complete halt as you crumble or run in the opposite direction.

Why am I sharing this?

So you remember I am a human too – and have my own wobbles and challenges as do you.

We all get through them


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