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Bespoke Dragon Bundle


Something a bit different for you now – a bespoke bundle offer.

This is tailored to your needs over a 6 month period with 1-2-1 time with me (approx 10 hours in total).

*please note the Bundle is £550 , the consultation is free and will be 15-30 minutes *

The initial consultation session (which anyone can book below) will confirm if this is the right path for you, I am the right person to work with you and if you are the right person for me. A sense check if you will – which is important on both sides.

If you decide after the consultation period you do wish to go ahead you can book the Bundle and we can then discuss how it will flow and where we will begin.

If you decide after the consultation not to go ahead that's absolutely fine as the consultation is not a binding contract.

The whole experience will be a combination of direct consultation with me, treatments and anything else that pops up that is right for you in that time. This may include work for you to do that comes through.

How you divide the time up is up to you, with guidance from myself and my team – its extremely flexible.



This is a bespoke service and as such will vary from person to person depending on requirements.

The bundle itself will comprise of a combination of the following:

Skype sessions, treatments, mentoring sessions, aurasrays, personal channellings, in person contact (if local) and more.

You are booking for 10 hours of time over 6 months – this may go over depending on circumstances.

Spaces limited per year.

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Bespoke Bundle

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