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Blue Dragon Essential Oil


10ml Essential oil blend – NOT TO BE INGESTED

Does NOT contain alcohol

CAN be shipped to USA

CANNOT be shipped to Australia

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Delighted to now be offering Blue Dragon essential oil in 10ml format.

This is the exact blend of oils used in the auraspray that I currently offer. The beauty of the oil blend is that it can be shipped to the US as doesn’t contain any alcohol.

Please find as follows my own personal experience with the Blue dragon spray:

Bring your light to the surface, be in balance and whole, embrace both your light and shade aspects. “See clearly” what is yours and help to find inner peace.

My personal experiences with the spray:

A distinct aniseed smell to start (possibly fennel??) then to a very sweet floral note – nice!
Woody undernote and some citrus back notes.
Very green at the end….again possibly fennel???
Something in the scent taking me back to my grandparents house, the bathroom to be exact – something either in Old Spice or Brylcreme that in this spray!

This then triggered a Personal Clearing quite out of the blue (please pardon the pun) that was very indepth. Lots of flame burning up things that were being removed.

This is to be used as any essential oil:

Do not ingest
Please do not apply neat to the skin as these are neat oils.
Use a couple of drops in with a carrier oil – which can then be used for massage/application to skin.
Place a few drops in the bath.
Place a few drops in an oil burner.
Create you OWN auraspray.

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