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Dragon Auraspray 50ml – Green Dragon


Essence of Pure Light Auraspray full size bottle 50ml

Not for internal use do not ingest

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As you may expect I have taken a lot of time getting to know the Dragon Auraspray range and these are the in-depth notes I put together after working wth them – these are my notes only:

Description from Essence of Pure Light:
Open your heart and connect to Mother Earth

Contains: Spike Lavender, Patchouli, Angelica, Kummel, Balm, Frankincense

Open your heart and connect to Gaia/Mother earth, be at peace with this gentle nurturing power – which can be gentle for growth or extreme for destruction.

Linked with Malachite

My personal experiences with this spray:

Very woody at first spray – a warm woody scent like a camp fire. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what this was till I eventually looked up the ingredients – Angelica! Of course I scent I know well from my Gin production days…..
Slight floral in there – quite sweet.
Very green scent – like being in a garden or wood after the rain, when you can smell/sense things growing.

Connecting very strongly to a sense of being outside and ALL of nature – can feel the heart and higher heart chakras pulsing.

Calm but very aware of all around me – feel part of the bigger picture.

Third eye opening to “see” this connection to Gaia in all her forms.

I’ve used this one a few times as so comforting.

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