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Dragon Auraspray 50ml – Yellow Dragon


Essence of Pure Light Auraspray full size bottle 50ml

Not for internal use do not ingest

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As you may expect I have taken a lot of time to get to know and work with the Dragon Auraspray range, these are my findings from the first time I used this one:

Description from Essence of Pure Light:
“Make contact with your light-hearted side”

Contains: Fir, Tea Tree, Star Anise, Tuberose, Carrot Seed, Kummel, Lavender, Blood Orange, Camphor, Rose.

The yellow dragon brings in the playful energy – brings you in touch with your fun loving side. Strip away burdens and concerns. Bring in the feeling of your own energy, be who you are.

My personal experience with this:

Very floral notes at the start, which move to warm citrus, more peel than juice…..very warm feel to this one. Other note coming in – want to say soap but can’t quite put my finger on it (note in hindsight this will be the lavender as to me it always smells of soap). Floral back in after 10 min, then back to citrus – they interchange. Almost woody note underneath this like boiled orange peel when making marmalade……

Very peaceful and warm feel while sitting with this spray – did have some sensation across the chest and ribcage, and also sensation in the ears and up both sides of the neck. Feels like small blockages in these areas gently being lifted or at least brought to my attention.

What am I not hearing?

Calm, relaxed and at peace – will possibly try this one before sleeping and see what happens.

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