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Green Dragon Essential Oil


10ml Essential oil blend – NOT TO BE INGESTED

Does NOT contain alcohol

CAN be shipped to USA

CANNOT be shipped to Australia

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Delighted to be ale to offer at a special introductory price Green Dragon essential oil blend.

This is the same blend used in the 50ml aura spray but as it doesn’t contain alcohol CAN be shipped to the US.

Please find as follows my personal experience with this essence:

Very woody at first spray – a warm woody scent like a camp fire. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what this was till I eventually looked up the ingredients – Angelica! Of course I scent I know well from my Gin production days…..
Slight floral in there – quite sweet.
Very green scent – like being in a garden or wood after the rain, when you can smell/sense things growing.

Connecting very strongly to a sense of being outside and ALL of nature – can feel the heart and higher heart chakras pulsing.

Calm but very aware of all around me – feel part of the bigger picture.

Third eye opening to “see” this connection to Gaia in all her forms.

I’ve used this one a few times as so comforting.


This is to be used as any essential oil:

Do not ingest
Please do not apply neat to the skin as these are neat oils.
Use a couple of drops in with a carrier oil – which can then be used for massage/application to skin.
Place a few drops in the bath.
Place a few drops in an oil burner.
Create you OWN auraspray.

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