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Rainbow Moonstone 5 inch T-Rex crystal skull (new)


So as you may have spotted I have a handful of brand new dinosaur/T-Rex crystal skulls available.

Chinese carved and yes it is hollow – which takes decades of skill!

Now some of these rock gently when sitting simply depending on the shape of the jaw. Don’t worry they are very stable.

The weights and dimensions listed further down the page are for postage/shipping calculations.

Currently the only rainbow moonstone available. Now I know theres a bit of back and forth debate around this crystal so lets be blunt if you resonate with rainbow moonstone great, if you resonate with white labradorite great – go with what works for you.

Rainbow moonstone is what I know this as.

The rainbow (silvery green and blue) is a little elusive with this one and you have to coax it out. It’s all about patience.

I have said on my main page a bit about labradorite stepping up and showing far more colours – I add rainbow moonstone in with this.

All linked to solar energies, solar storms and aurora. The blue on his one is more across the very top and the green across the side

172g 5 inch


If you have never worked with dino energy before I suggest you brace yourself as it’s never a dull moment.

For more info or to join in the fun you can pop over to the Facebook group or see a bit more detail on the website.

Out of stock


This is a brand new carve and is not pre-owned

Measurements shown in additional information are for shipping quotes

For larger pieces please get in touch as courier costs may be lower than Royal Mail

Additional information

Weight 0.210 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 9 cm