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Red Dragon Essential Oil


10ml Essential oil blend – NOT TO BE INGESTED

Does NOT contain alcohol

CAN be shipped to USA

CANNOT be shipped to Australia14.00

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Happy to bring you the Red Dragon 10ml essential oil blend.

This is the exact blend used in the 50ml aurapsray but with the added bonus it can be shipped to the US as does not contain alcohol.

My own personal experience with this spray:

A kick up the backside in a bottle is what I’m calling this one!

Slight floral to start wakes you up,….then spicy notes, followed by slight woody notes. Citrus towards the end.

Warm feeling with this one, safe.

Then I got clobbered by my team for feelings of self-doubt that have been popping up – I have contacts I’ve to use them, stop hiding and get myself out there. There are bigger things coming I’ve to bring forwards for them so get the ground work in – whilst there is an element of slowly slowly to what I do I still have to man up and do some leg work – take responsibility for my actions and stop self sabotaging.
That’s me told then!

This is to be used as any essential oil:

Do not ingest
Please do not apply neat to the skin as these are neat oils.
Use a couple of drops in with a carrier oil – which can then be used for massage/application to skin.
Place a few drops in the bath.
Place a few drops in an oil burner.
Create you OWN auraspray.

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