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Smokey Quartz 50ml aura spray


Essence of Pure Light Auraspray full size bottle 50ml

Not for internal use do not ingest

*Not available for shipping to USA or Australia at this time*

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The third of the crystal vibrational aura sprays I decided to ship in. This time smokey quartz.

As with the crystal itself smokey can bring focus and balance to your energies. Helping to balance lift and shadow within. Focus is the key word with this one and you have been feeling a bit off this may be the one for you. It may also help to detach any cords/energies from you that are not for your highest good.

A woody scent that also perks you up

How to use:

Spray above your head to allow to fall into your aura – ideal for use in meditation.
Spray into a room you are looking to clear/charge with this vibration.
Can be used with crystals/crystal grids so long as the crystals in question are not water soluble.

Additional information

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Dimensions 12 × 3.6 × 3.6 cm