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Turquoise Dragon Essential Oil


10ml Essential oil blend – NOT TO BE INGESTED

Does NOT contain alcohol

CAN be shipped to USA

CANNOT be shipped to Australia

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I’m delighted to bring to you Turquoise Dragon Essential Oil at a special introductory price. This price will revert back to the full price at re-stock.

This is the exact same mix used in the 50ml aura spray but without the addition of alcohol. So this can be shipped to the US.

Please find as follows my personal experience with this essence:

Find it to be very fresh – almost mint/cinnamon/clove???
Reminds me of Bullseye boiled sweets. Very spicy and energising.
Floral note after the spicy but very subtle.

Can feel energy building up.

Ready to go tackle things I’ve been putting off.

Being told to trust what comes to me as it is truth if unsure question but STOP questioning self as much – time to let go.

“You know what you are talking about, you are a catalyst so allow this to open up further. Speak up!”

So linked with the throat then.

This is to be used as any essential oil:

Do not ingest
Please do not apply neat to the skin as these are neat oils.
Use a couple of drops in with a carrier oil – which can then be used for massage/application to skin.
Place a few drops in the bath.
Place a few drops in an oil burner.
Create you OWN auraspray.

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