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My next article for More To lIfe Magazine is out now

Latest article out now!

Just a quick heads-up to say my latest article for More To Life Magazine has now been published.

Now oddly the email hasn’t come out for those who are subscribed. Let’s put it down to some technical issues at the magazine end.

This is a free subscription for the online version. Yes completely free. And the beauty of the online version is all the advert links are clickable!

The link to the new articles can be found here

If you scroll down you’ll see my article entitled “Hindsight – 20:20 vision“.  When I get a PDF file I can add direct into the website.


A caveat:

When I submit my pieces I only submit what I have written. I don’t choose the images. That’s down to the magazine production team.

And while the images they use may not reflect me as a person they may reflect the customer base for the publication.

I have had to use this as an example of understanding what is outside of my control, shrugging and moving on.

Just so you know

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