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Ancestral line bullshit

That moment when you realise that the energy attachment you can’t shift is actually ancestral line bullshit.
I know it sounds odd but bear with me
What I want to share is something that popped up for me yesterday.
I have for a long time stated that I don’t believe or give power to something in the spiritual field. I’m not going to name it because it’s not relevant to anyone other than me.
After a quick discussion with someone I respect in the field I was given an opportunity to question this long held belief that I have.
I never assume that my way and understanding is the correct one and fully value that others have experiences that will question everything. So as we had differing views I took some time to sit with it.
And what came up is odd but I feel relevant for many here.

Preset security

What was actually in place was a security device from my higher self. And when I dug into where it stemmed from I could tell this resistance or mental block was mine – but not from fear.
Digging in deeper I asked if this was from a past incarnation of mine – no.
Ok so was it someone in my bloodline? Yes – full body shivers confirming it.
An ancestor – and I neither know nor care at this stage as to the story or reason – had been adept at this thing I hold no belief in. And they decided to let it hitch a ride down the line to keep it alive and kicking.
I have a sense a few did get caught up in it and its been waiting for the next person. Namely myself who also – potentially – is adept. And here’s the thing just because you happen to have a talent for something DOES NOT mean you have to do it.
Eh nae chance pal – this thing is a complete overstep of all boundaries and not something I would condone or put up with. So this belief I have/had that it wasn’t in my reality stopped it activating. My team had allowed me to do the work but in another way and from a different perspective.
And I couldn’t be more grateful to my team /Higher self for installing it. It had no way in.

This was ancestral line bullshit – calling it as I see it.

I had the opportunity yesterday to strip it out of the family line all the way back. It may have been looking to hijack me/someone but it was firmly thwarted and no longer exists.
This is the thing folks when connecting back to ancient, old ways or through the ancestral lines not all of it is good. Some of it needs dealt with and kicked firmly into touch.
Some things have been buried for a reason. So if drawn to connect be careful and sense check it first.
You may thank yourself for it later!
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