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Solstice special offer running 1st to 4th December 2021

Solstice special offer!

Now all the sale weekend craziness is dying down I can mention a special I’m running 1st – 4th Dec.
For those days only anyone asking to join the Arse Kicked By Dragons membership will be able to take advantage of a Solstice Special. As December is Solstice month.
Rather than the full price of £25/month it will fall to £19/month for the duration of your membership.
After the 4th it reverts back to £25/month.

What do you get for this?

Well in all honesty a kick in the rear.
This is an accountability process where you decide to show up and do the work that my team suggest each month. Or you don’t.
I’ll treat you like an adult and won’t spoon feed you. You have free will and I encourage you to exercise it.
If you’ve been feeling a bit meh, a bit fed up, or a bit let down by your spiritual practice it may be time to look at things from a different angle. And that’s what the team and I bring in.
At the beginning of the month (usually around the 4th) my team and I set a challenge, or a place to bring your attention. You then have till the end of the month to work through what comes up for you. At that point there’s a live Zoom Q&A call to discuss anything that’s come up, that you’d like to share or soundboard.
In some cases I may offer some 1-2-1 time to go a bit deeper into things with you. Which is included in your membership.

Access to earlier work

All the previous challenges and Q&A sessions we’ve had since this all started way back in July are fully accessible in a dedicated Facebook group that you will have access to for the duration of your membership. Be it a month or longer. everyone is different.
We have found that very rarely do two people end up doing the same work. We all go in different directions from each other. And that’s the point. It’s what comes up for YOU that you look at.
So if this sounds like your kind of thing feel free to email me to secure a slot for the December intake at the Solstice Special price.
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