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Perspective and how we shift it

Hi folks – yes it’s me the quiet one again

I’m taking a bit of a step back right now as I’m still integrating a shift and it’s a biggie – so the old body needing extra time. I will be stepping back again in April as I need some time off for other things – just a reminder.


I spoke a while back that I had made a choice/change and I feel I can talk a little bit about it. It’s not life changing but it is perspective shifting.

I have made the shift (back) into compassion – for self, and for others.


Sounds simple?

Well yes and no.

I have gotten to the stage now that I recognise that people are where they are. And remembering that all individual experiences, perspectives and more ARE valid. All of them – even the ones that I might not resonate with. That is simply how it is.

I have no expectations or presumptions of how people “should” be. That was me in judgement, or at times, projection. And yes at times I fall back into this one especially in the last 12 months – I’m a work in progress.

I’ve had a look at my own actions and realised it wasn’t helping the collective energies or flow. Compassion feels better to me.

I’m finding it working 80% of the time – mainly on social media as the ability to simply observe where someone is, send them compassion and move on has been a big one for me.

I don’t need to leap into caretaker, warrior or martyr mode.

People are responsible for their own actions, beliefs and reactions – as am I for mine.

I can extend help if it is asked for but no longer at the expense of my own energy or resources. As in the end that helps no-one.

I see your choice(s), respect it/them and in pretty much all cases support it/you. Even if that same compassion and understanding is not currently extended back to me.

This was a choice to be the change I wished to see – and making it happen.


Trip hazard

Now I will admit I have a huuuuuuuuuge stumbling block.
It’s around politics and politicians.

This place remains a politics free zone as it is a personal trigger and I’d like to keep the space clear of it. Kindly respect that – as now is not the time.

What I mention here now is mine to work with, look at and understand. To fathom out why I get triggered and react around it.

I know it’s partially in recognition of a broken, sick and dying system and THAT I can extend compassion to. But the rest I struggle with.

By stepping back, going quiet (occasionally ranting and raving in private) and TRULY looking at my own bs I can see ways in which I can work with the compassion vibration without being 1 a hypocrite and 2 remaining authentic.

I believe I have found a way and I am navigating through it.

I am still human, doing my own work when it surfaces and continuing to question my own current beliefs.

If you have the time and the energy where can you make a change? It doesn’t have to be huge, mine isn’t but it’s a shift I’ve needed to do to “cope” with the energies playing currently.

So there you have it – what I’ve been working on in the background. It won’t shake the foundations but it HAS made a change for me.

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