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Link to a dragon energy Q&A session on Facebook Friday 11th October 2019

Dragon Energy Q&A 11th Oct

Link to a dragon energy Q&A session on Facebook Friday 11th October 2019
Dragon Energy Q&A session on Facebook live Fri 11th Oct 6pm GMT

Dragon Energy time again

I’m been given a kick up the rear end by my team to go to basics. And while working with Dragon Energy is a daily occurrence for me it isn’t for everyone.

It’s easy to forget this and I was given a sharp reminder a few days ago that it might be time for a refresher chat. To see if anything has changed, updated itself or needs to be brought up.

These group chats and interaction very beneficial to this type of work.

Where and when it is?

I’ll be giving a Q&A session on the Facebook group (click here) o Friday 11th Oct at 6pm GMT. If you have any burning questions or have any topics you’d like to raise you are welcome to contact me ahead of time.

It’s likely to run to 60min +

It will be recorded so this unable to attend at the time will be able to catch up later. I may even be able to download and add here if it feels right.

What to expect?

In all honesty come with zero expectations.

It will start with me discussing what Dragon energy is and what it isn’t and then who knows which direction they’ll spin me into.

See you there!


Dragon Ascension Therapies

Dragon figures in the clouds with a channelled message.

Channelled Dragon message from 2018

Dragon figures in the clouds with a channelled message.
Dragon revealed in the clouds with a channelled message.


I wanted to share something I wrote in one of my groups in January 2018 as a channelled message that’s popped back up. Now things have shifted for me but this information stills holds true. Indeed I would say it’s needing to be repeated a bit louder right now.

Feel into it and see what pops up for you. They speak far more eloquently than I ever can.

Re-shared from Jan 2018

I’m getting a rather strong message from my team which I’m going to pass forwards.
It’s pretty simple for a change.
Long but simple if that makes sense.

There is so much misinformation and glamour out there about us purporting to be truth. Go deep into your heart when you come across it and those who bring it forwards and ask yourself does it FEEL right. Does it resonate with what has come direct to you from us?

If it does not question your feelings on the person bringing it forwards. Not your thought but your feelings.

Do they make claims that sound too good to be true, do they make claims of being a prophet or a seer that taste off in your mouth. Something around the edges that raise questions?

Trust yourself on this we do not need, use or want glamour around us. You know that is not our way. We are not here to be summoned or controlled or even told what to do by humans. You know this, indeed you know better than this. Don’t allow yourself to be duped into believing something you know in your heart to be at odds with us and how we communicate or even interact with you direct.

We work with who WE choose to not the other way about. Remember this always. Those who call us we will delve into their energy and if they are not the correct fit we will step back.

But be cautious not to be desperate to connect as you may call out so loud you attract the attention of beings who are not us……the beings who purport to be us with all the smoke and mirrors. You know of what we speak.

Use this as a lesson in discernment or truth if you will. Like the channel we are working through right now to bring this message to you. She doubts her abilities and connection at this time despite knowing in her heart it is true – that the information she hears and sees is correct. But that doubt is a natural process of the discernment of which we speak. Without it she would let in so much that was not of our realm.

Child all is well , your faith in yourself is returning , we have much to do and this is simply part of the preparation for what is soon to come forwards. You will be ready very soon.

We send you all our gratitude, respect and love for your pure intention towards us, our realm and our work.”

I’m not an expert , I make no claims of being one I never have.

I’m simply a channel.

It’s amazing what pops back up

Now I’m not generally one to look backwards at what I have written. But very recently some older posts are popping back up.

What they have to say still hold relevance now. In fact I’d go as far to say they are MORE important to hear now.

As and when they pop up I will pass them on as my team are getting louder and louder these days.


Dragon Ascension Therapies

Dragon meditation

I’m hoping this will work so bear with me. I was nudged to facilitate a live guided Dragon meditation the other day on Facebook which went quite well.

So for those of you not on Facebook it’s a shame for you not to be able to access it. Hence this upload.

The meditation itself starts at about 5 minutes into the recording.


Banner picture for technology versus dragons blog

Earth Star Chakra – Dragon and Dino update

Ah the joys of modern technology.

My dragon and dino teams asked me to record a video rather than a live feed about some information they wanted me to pass on regarding the earth star chakra. The video was one of the best I’ve done so far….but couldn’t upload to Facebook or you tube.

What to do?

A shorter video the next day which did upload. But I really liked the video.

So what was going on?

Either something was slightly out energetically with the video, or I forgot to mention something.
The collective energy was in such a state it wasn’t ready to hear this little snippet of dragon insight.

My feelings are the latter.

“So what did they want to share then on the video?”

Quite simply something my dragon and dino team have been very aware of for the last year or so. Something we’ve been seeing in general and also in some clients coming to us for help.

Most people reading this will be familiar with the chakras – the body energy centres. With 7 main ones located from the top of the head (crown) to the base of the spine (root). There are also a whole host of chakra points above and below the physical body within your aura.

The one they want to focus your=t attention on is the Earth Star Chakra.

“Earth Star Chakra?”

This sits approx 1-3 feet under your physical feet. I always see it as a flat disc of a very very dark red/brow colour. This one to me is about connection and deep grounding.

What we’ve been seeing and finding is a thick sticky black tar-like substance coating the underside of the earth star chakra. Not everyone has this but we have been seeing a slightly marked increase per the last 12 months.

Don’t panic!

Now this can be removed but approach with caution.

If when sense checking you find something don’t dive in. You don’t want to pull it fully into your energy system. No you want to observe from a safe distance. The underside always seems to have a little bit left uncovered – typically to not alert you to the fact something is there.

Like a blocked plug hole it allows a little trickle of energy to go through but the rest sits and backs up. Stagnating a fair bit.

Not nice – but fixable.

If you feel confident to tackle this something my team and i do is wealth energetic equivalent of a hazmat suit and gloves. That way if we come into direct contact the suit and gloves can be discarded.

If you DON’T feel confident seek out someone you trust or someone who has worked with you before, or has knowledge of this. They will know how to remove it quickly and effectively.

“What is it?”

In truth I’m not at liberty to divulge that information. But what I can tell you is my team and the dino part of my team in particular and I are working on this through the work Gaia is calling upon us to do on her behalf.

I have ways of removing and isolating this but again I can’t share this direct.

All I have been asked to do is bring this to peoples awareness and if you have been having difficulty grounding or clearing to do a sense check BEYOND the standard 7 chakras. Essentially looking outside the box – so to speak. If you do pick something up DON’T dive in tread carefully, seek assistance if required.

If you have a facebook account and would like to see the shorter spoken version please click here


Dinos? Tell me more!

I have written a bit about these energies and you can find them here and here

photo on blog post a small change can move mountains

a small change in your life can move mountains

*sigh* You have to love working with the dragon realm at times. I was asked to do a live feed on Facebook yesterday to check in after the eclipse window. But then they slipped in a request to make a small change that can have a huge effect.

They didn’t shut up for the whole day till I did it.

Essentially hints and tips to a small change in what you buy and consume. To go plastic free or swap to biodegradable options instead.

A small change with potentially huge cumulative effect.

“Why are they asking you to mention this? Whats it got to do with dragon’s or dragon energy?”

A lot more than you might actually realise in all honesty.

My connection to the planet changed in Nov 2017 and its been getting deeper ever since. I’m being asked to do very specific work on her behalf and my dragon team act as a go-between to translate what I’m being asked to do and why. They are also showing me new ways of working. I’m learning on a daily basis right now.

The dragons have been talking for a while about people being present and making conscious choices. And this very much sit’s in the eco or green camp.

“Oh heck….are you on a soap box?”

No! Really don’t run off just yet. To give you some context I have a science background. More specifically an environmental sciences back ground. So I have an interest in this field as it is and have done for 20+ years. It’s never left me.

I have been making a series of choices and changes in that time. All of them consciously and with the end goal in sight.

The end goal being as green as possible, sending as little waste to landfill as possible and using as much biodegradable products as possible.

It’s a personal choice.

“So why talk about it if its personal?”

My dragons asked me to make this public as so many people are becoming aware. Particularly of waste plastic ending up in our oceans.

And to be encouraged to make the small change they’ve been thinking about.

Small changes can move mountains. And if many people make the same small changes at the same time the ripple effect is immense.

You can click to see the Facebook actual video so you can watch and listen for yourself. I will re-record this at a later date so its a little more compact.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk and make a small change.

It might be :

1. Moving to recycled toilet paper or bamboo based toiler paper
2. Using recycled tin foil
3. Refusing plastic straws
4. Swapping to biodegradable cotton buds

The list is not exhaustive and many other things are spoken about on the video.

Be brave, make a choice, make a stand and let your voice be heard.

For those wanting to know more I’ve added some links to amazon lists (other sellers are available) for you to see for yourself the range available. If you spot a product that catches your eye please do your own research into it and the company that makes them. You may be surprised!

Bamboo toothbrushes
Biodegradable dental floss
Recycled toilet paper
Biodegradable cotton buds
Recycled tin foil
Paper straws
Biodegradable Bubble wrap
Recycled packaging tape
Biodegradable packing material

Enjoy the process, as trust me making just one small change in your life will prompt you to make more.

The planet, your family and the dragon realm will thank you!

Photo to take about launching dragon energy courses in 2018

Dragon energy courses will be coming 2018

Yes I will have dragon energy courses coming out in 2018. Despite a couple of years of procrastination!

Its a case of feeling the fear and doing it anyway even if it scares the crap out of you.

I’m finally FINALLY sitting down and writing the Dragon course(s) I’ve been asked to do for the last year ……..I’ve been running from it but its beyond time now.

The messages and information from this realm are ready to come forwards due so much information and MIS-information out there just now.

I have to walk my talk and WRITE about dragon energy

Typical conversation here the last few months:

“will you just sit down and write it”

“No I don’t feel ready.”

“You’re never going to feel ready, but you are”

“No I don’t think so”

“Stop thinking. Start doing.”


And so it went. Back and forth for many months.

Fear – its all been fear.

Then I got my energy system sorted out – bloody hell it was a mess. Not any more.

All the procrastination fizzled out – it wasn’t mine. It had been placed there to STOP me bringing it forwards.

Be accountable!

I’m changing the game. By putting it here for all to see as I know you will hold me accountable. I’ve had 3 people ask me about in the space of 3 days so that’s my marker.

I had believed I would be bringing another set of courses through first. But since I had my energy cleared out last week and a whole assortment of stuff that shouldn’t be there removed my team have gotten pretty loud and insistent.

I can hear them constantly and I need to write down what I’m hearing as I hear it.

For those who have been asking I don’t, yet, know how this will look. It might be a series of on-line courses, it might be in-person, it might even be both. I’ll know in time.

I will take a bit of time with this.

Please be patient as it evolves, as dragon energy shifts and flows as it comes through. I fully anticipate changes of direction, re-writes and additions as it goes.

It WILL be this year that much I can say

So if dragon energy, dragon energy healing or even a dragon energy session is something you are drawn to – this may be for you in time.

But trust your discernment.

Graphic for radio interview debut blog post

My 2017 radio interview debut

I had a radio interview debut in 2017 last year on Parasearch Radio on The Spirit Dimension show with Kerry Greenaway. However I don’t think I ever shared the link *doh!*

Better fix that!

So here you go – I know a few of you have already heard this as you listened in at the time *thank you*. For those of you who perhaps haven’t seen me live on FaceBook or watched my Wobbles blog post – I figured out how to link a video!! ohh the wonder of technology  – this is a snippet of me and who I am.

We spoke about what I do, my back story and my work with dragon energy and dragon energy healing. And how it all came to be.

Sometimes hearing the spoken word can give you a better energetic feel for the person rather than just the written word and photographs. So this is me raw and unfiltered.

I was a teeny touch nervous at the very start but you can hear I got into my stride pretty quickly and actually enjoyed it!

No Really I enjoyed having a radio interview

I enjoyed speaking the the two lovely hosts who are like minded souls. In fact for more interesting interviews I highly recommend you check out Parasearch Radio either on FaceBook or via their online radio station.

I’ve tuned in to some fascinating interviews and learned a lot just by listening to others speaking about what they do.

I recommend to anyone out there approached to do a radio interview to give it a go. You have no idea the doors you may find it opening.

Take a leap of faith

I’d popped up a post on my main Facebook page about being more out there and spreading my message and I was approached off the back of that. Thank you dinos as it was your message that snagged the attention.

Ok so I did faff for a month or so before finally saying
“sod it – lets give it a go”

I don’t regret it and would do another  radio interview again

I really don’t regret it. And if anything I’d be happy to do it again.

So if you get offered a big leap outside your comfort zone then take it. You have no clue where it may take you. And if it doesn’t work , hey at least you gave it a shot.


My debut radio Interview


pic for that moment blog

That moment when you really want to tell your team to f**k off………

You may laugh but I had this exact moment last week when my energy drained to such a dangerously low level I could no longer cope. I had to tell my team , very abruptly and very clearly to “f**k off! Seriously f**k right off!

Seriously? You said that to them?!

Yup! We still very much have free will as a hupic for that moment blogman and CAN tell our teams to back off when things get just too much.

I had been holding two massive spaces for two different situations and I’ll be brutally honest I’d over extended myself. To a dangerously low level.

How did I know?

Well, for one I was utterly exhausted, not sleeping, flying off the handle and on social media on my personal page getting very defensive.

This is not “normal” for me I tend to be a bit calmer, easy to diffuse potential explosions and quick to nip things in the bud.


The penny drops…..in the moment

The very fact I was letting myself get riled over, lets face it, daft things of zero consequence was a huuuuuuuuge warning bell I needed to step back before I imploded.

So step back I did. I left several groups (one of which was my own I might add) , stepped back from all my pages/groups and took a time out……..Yes it did feel like a temper tantrum. An energetic one. I don’t do too well on lack of sleep at the best of times added in all the pressure I had taken on was a melting pot. Imagine Vesuvius and you get a feel for where I was.

So they gave me approx 12 ours or so before they were at me to launch the 1-2-1 Teaching……..seriously????? Guys the human body needed at least 5 days of R&R not 12 HOURS.

What did you do?

Like I said above I told them direct to essentially knock it off, cut the sh*t and leave me alone. That’s the thing with my team they do help facilitate situations where I am pushed to my limits to see if my boundaries hold or if I roll over and let things happen.

As you may have spotted there was no rolling over this time.

Energy workers. Please I am speaking to you direct here. Use this as a teaching/learning NOT to overburden yourself. If things feel too much take a STEP BACK. Temporarily pull yourself in and do the self work/healing/resting to safe guard your energy.

We are all “guilty” of doing this and our teams, at times bless them, forget we are still human and need to eat, sleep and rest. Working 24/7 is nothing to them ….For the human body it’s a little more complex.

Stand up for yourself. No-one else will do it on your behalf.

Ok – so in life I’m a blunt speaker (had you noticed?) and I do ask for things in respect to myself be made very very clear so I get them. But you can be equally as blunt back . Yes really. Regardless of what energy you are talking to.

I’ve sworn at angelic beings and I’m still here.

I took the time I needed to recharge my energy . I ignored my team for several days and then created a crystal gird for me and me alone. The first time I’d done that in ages. And the healing came. Only once I was strong enough did I put the message out there re the teaching and I now have blessed silence.

Put it another way if I was a phone last week my battery was around 1% today it’s around 97% and I’ve said to them to bring in the next round as Im where I need to be.

They don’t my swearing personally as they don’t judge and they have the same sense of humour anyway and swear back (which I’ll confess I like).

So there you go. When in doubt swear it out your system

You’ll feel better if nothing else………..