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when social media fails

When social media fails

It’s been quite a week so far as social media, well the Facebook stable, failed. It went dark and disappeared for 6 hours.

Typically unheard of but a swift reminder that not everything is permanent. Change is a constant and it’s how you adapt to it that’s key.

Did you miss Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp?

Or did you embrace the freedom and get on with your life?

I was very much the latter. Which is ironic as Facebook is very much where you find me. It’s the platform I understand, that has worked for me, and still works for me even now. But this week has been an eye opener.

I always asked myself what would I do if it wasn’t there. That’s where this website sprang up from. To ensure people could always find me.

But what I was shown very clearly was how much time I spend there, or more accurately waste there.


Where next

Where do I go from here. It’s a curious one as I stopped myself from jumping on the band wagon and scattering to other spaces the last few times there were issues. But, given I didn’t miss things and enjoyed the quiet, it’s time for me to re-asses.

Currently I am looking at Telegram to create a channel so that you can find me if needed, and once it’s up and running I will share the link. I have a page now on the Awakened Pages website, that has a drive and message I am 100% behind.  I may look again at MeWe, who knows it may have changed since the last time.

While having other avenues is good I have no desire to be everywhere – that would be exhausting and not very authentic. Why be on platforms I can’t stand? That’s why you will not find me on Twitter or Instagram or Tik Tok – they simply aren’t for me.

So if you have been having a few knee jerk reactions to things give yourself some time. Consider the options. And ask is it important or it is just a flash in the pan or even a fear of missing out.

Lets not forget old fashioned text messages, emails and Skype/Zoom calls. They never went away….they simply got overlooked. Many businesses reached out through their email list, which we forget is such a valuable tool.


Stay in touch outside social media platforms.

The best way to stay in contact is to sign up for the newsletter. I don’t use it very often but it’s there when needed and I will begin to use it more often to stay in touch.

If you’re interested scroll to the bottom of any page on the site and you’ll find the sign up form. You can unsubscribe at any time as you are very much in the drivers seat for this one.

My email details can always be found on the contact me form – it may take me 24 hours to get back to you. But hey that’s a lesson in patience.

As long as Facebook is alive and kicking you will find me there and once I have other channels up and running I’ll let you know.


The main thing is don’t panic. It’s simply evolution in motion



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